The ChargePro is a smart and sophisticated electric
vehicle charging station that comes with powerful software
and is wirelessly networked.

SemaConnect Network

Deploying an EV Charging Station program
at your property couldn’t get any easier with the
SemaConnect Network software. It comes bundled
with your ChargePro purchase and
is what makes the charging stations smart.

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Mobile Apps

We develop EV Charging Stations, but we also have
a robust software and engineering team
at SemaConnect that is dedicated to building the best
EV Charging Station management software and
mobile apps.

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Plugshare Capabilities

We believe in having an open ecosystem with our
charging stations, the SemaConnect network and
interoperability with other companies in the industry.
For this reason, we’ve partnered with PlugShare, the
most widely used smart phone app among EV Drivers
in the marketplace.

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Get the software that makes the ChargePro smart: