Semacharge Features

    It's what makes the ChargePro smart.

    Owning and managing your ChargePro EV charging station couldn't get any easier with the addition of SemaCharge. The ChargePro Driver Manager software is built specifically for EV drivers to make driving and managing your charging sessions easier to track. The ChargePro Station Manager software is built specifically with commercial executives in mind, tailored to all the features that are most important for you. The best part? It comes bundled with the ChargePro, so you're getting two products for the price of one. Now that's something to be green with envy about.


    Station Owner

    The ChargePro Station Manager software is for station owners and operators. Easily manage, monitor and update your charging stations through the ChargePro portal by logging in with your secure username and password. The web-based management system makes it simple, convenient and effortless to use from any internet connected-computer within your enterprise.

    Through the Station Manager application, station owners have the ability to register users, monitor costs, set pricing, track system usage and even print out environmental reports.

    EV Driver

    The ChargePro Driver Manager software is for electric vehicle drivers. Easily register, manage, monitor and update your charging account through the ChargePro Driver Manager. The web-based management system makes it simple, convenient and effortless to use whether you’re at the office, on your laptop at home or on your mobile device.

    The Driver Manager software also has mapping tools for identifying station locations, availability and pricing. Text-based messaging makes it easy to immediately communicate important information such as charging-fault detection, current state-of-charge and charging-complete.


    Comprehensive list of features.

    Secure Log-in

    We use SSL encryption to make sure that your data is safe and secure at all times.

    Instant Updates & Notifications

    Receive e-mail and text message updates on real-time updates of your stations.

    24/7 Customer Support

    Our professional customer support team handles all issues related to your stations. Worry less.

    Debit/Credit Card Enabled

    The software makes it easy to charge and pay EV charging bills online.


    Charging Status

    Receive real-time data on charging status so you know each time it's in use. You'll be able to see how long EV drivers have charged in a session and how much electricity they have consumed.


    Sustainability Reports

    Include data for your sustainability reports on your fossil fuel displacements and green house gas emission reductions. Easily portray this data with our easy to understand graphs. You’re even able to print an Excel or PDF version of the report straight from the software.


    Smart Card Authentication

    Want your station to be private? Open or restricted access to your stations is made available at a click of a button. SemaCharge Passes are made available to EV drivers throughout the nation. With the software, you have flexible options when deciding who can and can't use your station.


    Station Locator

    Easily navigate our entire network of ChargePro EV charging stations through the station locator map in the software. In real time, see whether a station is available or currently in use. Save time and extend your range by mapping out your route before leaving the door!


    Online Bill Management

    Our online bill management feature ensures that you’re able to better manage your charges and bills online. Station owners set time-of-use pricing easily with a click of a button, and EV drivers are able to efficiently pay their EV charging bills through the software.


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