ELECTRIC VEHICLE CHARGING for class a propeRties

Smart EV Charging

SemaConnect is the best choice for commercial real estate, corporate offices, retailers, parking garages, hotels, municipalities, and fleet vehicle applications.
ELECTRIC VEHICLE CHARGING for class a propeRties

Why we are different

At SemaConnect, we are all about providing you, the property manager, building owner, or business owner/manager with a turnkey solution that allows you to easily add EV charging to your property or place of business.

SemaConnect is also open to other “driver programs.” Anybody driving an EV can pull up and start charging at a SemaConnect EV charging station – we do not require you join. In addition, PlugShare users can pay with PlugShare.

The Holiday Season is Coming: Are You Ready to Charge?

If you are a mall or retailer looking to increase your holiday foot traffic, electric vehicle charging stations can make your establishment a destination for EV drivers.

The newest way to find SemaConnect EV Charging Stations: Google Maps

Now, when you use Google Maps on your phone or computer, you can search for SemaConnect electric vehicle charging stations near you.

Why We’re Excited to Join Veloz

Whether they make EVs, write laws about transportation, or do environmental research, every stakeholder in the electric vehicle conversation has a unique and important role in EV adoption. Just like EVs need EV drivers and EV charging infrastructure to succeed, EV adoption needs cooperation from the people who can make it happen.

Need To Charge Up? Where To Look For The Nearest Car Charging Station

There are an estimated 20,178 EV charging stations in the US. Here are some of the first places you should look for charging an electric vehicle in a hurry.

Electric Vehicle Sales Are On The Rise

Sales of electric vehicles have been on the rise over the past few years and are projected to continue increasing in the near future.

Series 6 Smart EV Charging Stations
Dual Pedestal Mount with Cable Management

SemaConnect Smart EV Charging

Easy Installation

Compact Design

Easy to Manage

Simple Service Fee

Generate Revenue

Smart Grid Ready




year oil companies may face peak oil


Year over year increase in EV sales

EV Services for Property Managers Webinars


This short webinar will provide property managers and real estate professionals with a clear understanding of the key aspects of planning and delivering EV services for your building’s tenants and visitors. Register Today!

SemaConnect to Exhibit at 2018 Greenbuild International Conference and Expo

EV charging company will demonstrate sustainable solutions to green building professionals in Chicago

SemaConnect Joins Southeast Energy Efficiency Alliance

SemaConnect announces that it has joined the Southeast Energy Efficiency Alliance (SEEA), a 501(c)(3) organization that works to promote smart energy efficiency and provide resources to communities and public utilities across the southeastern United States.

SemaConnect Charging Stations Now Available on Google Maps

EV drivers can now use Google Maps to find SemaConnect charging stations

SemaConnect Joins Veloz and Aims to Help to Accelerate Electric Vehicles

Public-private alliance unites electric vehicle stakeholders to promote electrification in California

SemaConnect to Exhibit at the 2018 IFMA World Workplace Expo in Charlotte, NC

Electric Vehicle Charging Experts to Share Insights with Facilities Managers at Annual Conference

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