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It's All About the Network

A Robust, Open Solution with Maximum Flexibility

The SemaConnect Series 6 Smart EV Charging Stations are the perfect solution if you’re deploying a network of charging stations with the ability to adhere to open standards like OCPP and open ADR 2.0b. 

The SemaConnect Network allows station owners and operators to easily manage, monitor and update their EV charging stations via an intuitive, cloud-based dashboard. 

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Add EV Charging to Your Place of Business

SemaConnect makes it easy to add smart EV charging to your place of business. Whether you want to deploy one EV charging station or an entire network, SemaConnect makes it easy to manage. We provide the smart charging stations, help with site design and installation services, provide the network and reporting and we manage your driver sign-ups. What are you waiting for?

Charging Stations

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The smart and genuinely open solution that supports all EV drivers!

Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) lets you choose your own network provider and keep equipment

The OpenADR Alliance was created to standardize, automate, and simplify Demand Response (DR) and Distributed Energy Resources

EV Charging at the Office

Is Your Property Ready to Handle the Demand for Electric Vehicle Charging?

Did you know?

  • 12% of new car sales in CA are electrified
  • 30% of new car sales will be electrified in just 6 years
  •  75% of Americans see electric cars as the future of transportation
  • The workplace is where EV charging stations are needed
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Why we are different

At SemaConnect, we are all about providing you, the property manager, building owner, or business owner/manager with a turnkey solution that allows you to easily add EV charging to your property or place of business.

SemaConnect is also open to other “driver programs.” Anybody driving an EV can pull up and start charging at a SemaConnect EV charging station – we do not require you join. In addition, PlugShare users can pay with PlugShare.

EV Etiquette: Minding Your Electric Car Charging Manners

Whether you’re using an EV station at a hotel, work, or another public place, be certain to keep these etiquette rules in mind.

Protecting America and Reducing Emissions: EV Charging at National Parks

Across the US, NPS is protecting land, reducing air pollution, and creating a better tomorrow. Here are four National Parks where you can charge your EV.

Two More Electric Car Myths You Shouldn’t Believe

Embrace the future of transportation and reject these two unfounded myths about electric vehicles and EV stations.

Networked or Non-Networked Stations, That is the Question

When researching EV charging, you’re bound to hear about “Networked” and “Non-Networked” stations. Here are four questions to help you decide what you should get for your property.

Three Important Inventors in the History of Electric Vehicles

In celebration of National Inventors Day, we’re looking at three inventors whose important contributions to electricity and electric vehicles laid the foundation for today’s EVs.

SemaConnect Smart EV Charging

Easy Installation

Compact Design

Easy to Manage

Simple Service Fee

Generate Revenue

Cable Management

Smart Grid Ready


In 2018, Electric Vehicle Sales in the U.S. increased by 81%. That’s 2.1% of all new car sales.

Percentage of EVs on the Road vs. Internal Combustion Engines: 2018, 2025, 2040

EV Services for Property Managers Webinars


This short webinar will provide property managers and real estate professionals with a clear understanding of the key aspects of planning and delivering EV services for your building’s tenants and visitors. Register Today!

Beckstrand and Associates Selects SemaConnect For Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Company Utilizing Four SemaConnect Charging Stations at Old Mill Corporate Campus

SemaConnect To Exhibit and Present Workshop At The Central Valley Facilities Expo

Workshop will inform California facilities professionals about electric vehicle charging amenities at commercial properties

SemaConnect Selected By San Patricio Plaza For Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

SemaConnect Provides Five EV Charging Stations For Shoppers in Guaynabo

SemaConnect To Exhibit At The 2019 Hawaii Buildings, Facilities, & Property Management Expo On March 6-7 At Booth #322

Will Be Exhibiting The Latest Cutting Edge Innovations In Electric Vehicle Charging Stations For Commercial Properties

Pasadena’s Historic Hotel Constance Selects SemaConnect For EV Charging Stations

Hotel Utilizing SemaConnect Charging Stations For Guests and General Public

Ready to offer EV Charging at your property?

On time, to spec, and within budget. That’s what our installation team delivers. For projects large and small, you can rely on SemaConnect for professional installation services.

Please ask your sales manager to bid your project with installation services today and avoid the headaches associated with installation. Take the first step now!