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EV Charging

SemaConnect is the best choice for commercial real estate, corporate offices, retailers, parking garages, hotels, municipalities, and fleet vehicle applications. 

Why we are different

At SemaConnect, we are all about providing you, the property manager, building owner, or business owner/manager with a turnkey solution that allows you to easily add EV charging to your property or place of business. 

SemaConnect is also open to other “driver programs.” Anybody driving an EV can pull up and start charging at a SemaConnect EV charging station – we do not require you join. In addition, PlugShare users can pay with PlugShare. 

What To Consider When Adding an Electric Car Charging Station To Your Rental Property

According to a Bloomberg report released in 2017, electric vehicles will make up 54% of all new light-duty vehicle sales globally by 2040. While that may seem a long while from now, the reality is that property owners and managers need to plan ahead. By offering EV charging stations as an incentive to residents, you can be ahead of the curve and ensure any available units won't stay that way for long. But before you decide to offer car charging stations for an apartment complex or other rental...

Building Owners and Property Managers: Part of EV Infrastructure Solution

Remember when the first mass-produced hybrid entered the US market? Every comedian from Portland, Maine to Portland, Oregon had something funny to say about it. Yet the days of the Prius as a target of ridicule are now long gone. Decades later, society has matured and the electric vehicle has blossomed in the public's perception from something of an oddity to the better option worldwide. Investing in EV charging stations no longer requires a leap of faith but rather an...

The Rise of Electric Vehicles: Better Plan for It

In the early 1900s, horses, carriages, and automobiles were a common sight on the crowded city streets of London and New York. At the time, the tens of thousands of horses posed a public health risk as their waste filled the streets. The invention and manufacturing of motorized vehicles came as a much-needed alternative that allowed urban life to evolve. Eventually, the transition was completed and the waste buried under cobblestone asphalt. The Rise of The Electric Vehicle While internal...

Why SemaConnect Smart EV charging?

Easy Installation

Compact Design

Easy to Manage

Simple Service Fee

Generate Revenue

Smart Grid Ready

EV Services for Property Managers Webinars


This short webinar will provide property managers and real estate professionals with a clear understanding of the key aspects of planning and delivering EV services for your building’s tenants and visitors. Register Today!

A Few of Our Clients

From Our Clients

“As the property manager of a prominent office building in downtown Denver, installing an Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Station presented a unique opportunity for us to promote electric cars. Tenants are more likely to purchase an EV knowing they have a place to charge it at the office. SemaConnect made it easy to be one of the first properties to install the newest and most viable green amenity.”
Vector Property Services, LLC

“After shopping around and reviewing all the features of different EVSE stations, SemaConnect offered the most turn-key process from beginning to end. The sales team made the transaction a breeze, the technical team helped with questions during installation, and the SemaConnect marketing team even wrote and distributed a press release announcing the installation of our station. The visitors to our science center have been very impressed with the aesthetics and ease of use with this EV Station..”
Energy Smart Colorado

“The University of Central Florida recently installed three SemaConnect units in strategic locations on campus. Since these stations were installed, their popularity has increased tremendously resulting in the allocation of four more units. Owners of electric vehicles continue to compliment us on our sustainability initiatives and the services provided to them.”University of Central Florida

“Installing EV Charging Stations has helped Antlers at Vail stay on the cutting edge of what amenities are expected at modern hotels. Making stations available to guests has allowed us to cater to a new market while leaving a great impression on those looking for a greener tomorrow.Antlers at Vail






Average Commute in Miles is less than

EV Charging Station Education 

As a full-service provider, SemaConnect offers educational information for both EV drivers and commercial property owners and managers. 

SemaConnect’s continuing education program, endorsed by the USGBC, allows property managers and real estate professionals to gain a better understanding of the electric vehicle industry and its importance to the real estate commercial market. Interested in learning more about electric vehicle charging stations? If you are a property manager and are interested in either the basics or our USGBC endorsed educational session, then we got you covered. Our Lunch and Learns bring EV education to your property in a fun and interactive format.

Historic Pike Place Market in Seattle Installs SemaConnect Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

By adding this new green amenity to its property, Pike Place Market is able to set itself apart and provide drivers a more sustainable way to shop.

SemaConnect Scores Decisive Legal Victory in Charging Station Battle

Federal Judge Dismisses Patent Infringement Lawsuit Brought by ChargePoint

SemaConnect Rolls Out EV Charging Stations in Northern California

Pairs with Travis Federal Credit Union to be one of first EV Charge Network installations

SemaConnect Selected to Participate in New Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Program for Northern and Central California

SemaConnect announced that it has been selected to participate in Pacific Gas and Electric Company’s (PG&E’s) EV Charge Network program.

SemaConnect Wins First Contract to Build Workplace and Multifamily Electric Vehicle Charging Sites as part of $2B Investment

SemaConnect Selected to Build Out, Operate and Maintain Level 2 EV Charging Infrastructure

PlugShare Users on Android Can “Pay With PlugShare” at SemaConnect EV Charging Stations

SemaConnect expands driver choice as only truly open leading EV Charging Station provider.

SemaConnect Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Compatible with ChargeHub App

ChargeHub users can find, start and pay for electric vehicle charging.

SemaConnect Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Now Accepting Canadian Currency

Smart EV Charging Stations Receive Over-the-Air Upgrade

SemaConnect Announces the Smart Personal Charging Station

New Charging Stations focus on the Personal User at Apartments and Condos

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