Electric vehicle charging stations power electric vehicles and installing them in multifamily buildings is the perfect solution for millions of Americans.

Here are 10 reasons how your multifamily building can benefit from installing electric vehicle charging stations:

1. Be prepares for tenants when they purchase electric vehicles

2. Electric vehicle charging stations are safe, easy and reliable to use

3. Higher your property value – earn LEED points

4. Attract sustainably conscious tenants

5. Provide your local community with EV stations

6. New revenue model

7. Be an EV leader above direct competitors

8. Provide a new sustainable amenity

9. Help the environment

10. Enhance your image as a leading sustainable property

Are you a tenant, and thinking about buying an electric vehicle?
Go ahead and suggest the idea of installing EV Charging Stations to your landlord or building manager!  Sometimes they won’t install it because they don’t believe their tenants really want it.  But if you’re living in an apartment building and you want it, the best way to start the conversation going is simply to ask.

If you’d prefer, we’d me more than happy to bring up your concern to your apartment building manager!  Simply let us know by phone or e-mail!

Happy Charging!

– ChargePro