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We don’t just make EV Charging Stations, our team at SemaConnect are proud EV Drivers as well.  So when we began to hear from EV Drivers that they disliked carrying around a deck of charging passes from different EV Charging Stations, we took it upon ourselves to develop more ways to initiate a charging station other than using a smart charging pass.

  1. SemaConnect app on your smartphoneSearch for “SemaConnect” in the Apple and Google Play Store
  2. Pay with PlugShare and ChargeHubDownload the PlugShare or ChargeHub apps, find our charging stations and start charging directly through their app.
  3. Network.semaconnect.comOpen any mobile browser and go to  Follow the prompts to begin charging.
  4. Call 1-800-663-5633Call 24/7/365 and follow the prompts to start charging by phone
  5. SemaConnect NetworkPassWave your card in front of our charging stations to start charging
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