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Although the number of EVs on the road has been increasing 33% every year since 2012, the supply of EV charging stations has yet to catch up. And as more and more people turn to EVs as a primary form of transportation, they will be increasingly taking them on vacation, and thus looking for ideal places to charge their cars. However, securing a convenient place to charge one’s car while on the road can be a challenge when visiting a new place.

As a hotel manager, that’s where you come in.

You are in a unique position to provide a valuable amenity to the growing number of EV drivers on the road. Hotels with car charging stations provide a place for your guests to charge their cars. This would take the guesswork out of locating an EV charging station while away. In addition, it allows EV owners to charge their cars during the most practical time of their trip – while they are asleep.

And with a growing number of car rental companies adding EVs to their fleets, the number of guests in search of charging locations will only increase over time. By installing charging stations, you are putting your hotel on the list of “EV-friendly” lodging options while adding a sustainable dimension to your corporate image.

Why Install EV Charging Stations at Your Hotel? Some of the benefits of installing a hotel electric car charging station include:

  • Tapping into an additional revenue stream
  • Making your hotel more attractive to EV drivers and eco-tourists
  • Giving your hotel a green, cutting-edge image
  • Establishing your hotel as a node on the EV charging network

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