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Electric Vehicle Chargers for Multifamily Homes

Access to EV charging stations is becoming an increasingly common request from residents in apartments, condos, and other multi-family properties across the country. And with EV sales rising by 33% every year, the demand for EV charging infrastructure will only increase over time.

Multifamily developments are some of the best places to locate EV charging stations. The most common time for people to charge their cars is while asleep, which means charging stations in the parking facilities of multi-family properties will be well-utilized. Not only can charging stations improve overall resident satisfaction, they can be used to increase property values and appeal to eco-conscious prospective residents.

It is no secret that sustainability can be a powerful marketing tool in attracting new residents to a community. Therefore, providing EV amenities should be a top priority for developers looking to create cutting-edge, sustainable residential communities.

Why Install EV Charging Stations at Multifamily Developments? Some of the benefits of installing EV charging stations include:

  • Improving property values
  • Making the community more attractive to eco-conscious residents
  • Providing a valuable amenity to EV driving residents and visitors
  • Improving the overall sustainability of a multi-family development
  • Earning LEED points

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