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Municipalities are at the forefront of the clean transportation revolution perhaps more than any other institution. With over 80% of Americans living in cities and electric vehicle sales rising by 33% every year, local governments are inherently tied to the EV market.

The growing EV economy presents municipalities with an opportunity to market themselves as leaders in sustainability and alternative transportation. By installing electric vehicle charging stations at strategic points throughout their communities, cities can provide a valuable service to EV driving residents and visitors. They can even use charging stations to encourage revitalization throughout the city – what was once a neglected parking lot can soon become a popular node on the EV charging network.

Considering EV charging stations are cheaper to implement than other large-scale government projects, municipalities can enhance their sustainable vision without straining financial resources.

Why Should Municipalities Install EV Charging Stations?Some of the benefits of installing EV charging stations include:

  • Improving property values
  • Encouraging green businesses to relocate and invest in the local economy
  • Tapping into a long-term revenue stream
  • Providing a valuable service to EV drivers in local communities
  • Improving the overall sustainability of a city
  • Providing an additional way for cities to show measurable reductions in carbon emissions

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