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The smart and genuinely open solution that supports all EV drivers

An Open Solution with Maximum Flexibility and a Robust Network

The SemaConnect Series 6 Smart EV Charging Stations are the perfect solution if you’re deploying a network of charging stations with the ability to adhere to open standards like OCPP and open ADR 2.0b. 

The SemaConnect Network allows station owners and operators to easily manage, monitor and update their EV charging stations via an intuitive, cloud-based dashboard. Station owners and operators can easily implement practical demand response strategies to minimize energy cost, for instance by throttling down electricity during periods of peak load or by sending pricing signals to drivers who opt-in to the program.

Why SemaConnect EV Charging Stations?

The compact form, ease of installation, and comprehensive online management system make it the best choice for your charging network.

  • Compact form for tight spots. SemaConnect’s sleek enclosure and small form packs a huge punch with an unobtrusive footprint. 
  • The SemaConnect Network lets you take control of the program. It allows you to easily manage, monitor, and update your charging stations. T
    1. Manage station access– Restrict charging to just your members, or open it up to the public.
    2. Set pricing plans– Want to charge by time of day or the amount of time that a car is plugged in?
    3. View reports– See who’s plugged in and how long they’ve been charging, your costs and revenue, energy consumption, and more.
  • Rugged enclosure to resist nature. The enclosure is made of rugged commercial-grade aluminum to ensure the safety of the smart components inside. Each station is tested under rigorous conditions to ensure reliability.
  • Multiple mounting options. This makes it easy to fit the SemaConnect EV charging station in a number of settings. In a tight urban parking garage? The wall mount is your best bet. Have an extra parking space in front of the building? The single and dual pedestal mounts make a perfect statement to visitors. 


Are you a utility interested in creating or expanding an EV charging network?

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