Is your electric vehicle starting to run low on its charge? The nearest charging station might not be as far as you think. As of December 31, 2017, there are an estimated 20,178 electric car charging stations in the US, with 86.9% of those being available to the public. Here are some of the first places you should look for charging an electric vehicle in a hurry.

  • Hotels: Hotels are frequently a good place to look for charging an electric vehicle. With the number of people and different types of vehicles that hotels often host, many hotels are choosing to install car charging stations in their parking lots. However, make sure that they are available to the public: some charging stations are only available to hotel guests.
  • Post Offices and Libraries: Publicly funded resources, like post offices and libraries, are more and more often adding car charging stations to their parking lots for public use. Some of these locations may even let you charge for free. Be aware that you might have to wait a while at these locations because they are public, and there might be a line of cars waiting to charge.
  • Schools and Universities: With the forward-thinking mindset of many universities, it’s unsurprising that they would be some of the first adopters of this green technology. Make sure before charging that the stations are open to the public, rather than just students and faculty.
  • Parking Garages: Many public parking garages now, particularly in urban and more populated areas, will have charging stations on certain levels of the garage. If you’re already going to be parking and leaving your car for a certain amount of time, this can be an incredibly convenient option.
  • At Home: Of course, one of the best places to charge your electric car is at your own home. Owning your own electric vehicle charger allows you to refuel your car while you’re asleep so you don’t need to find a place to charge your car while you’re out and about. Additionally, charging an electric car is likely to cost you the least amount of money when you own the charger and are using your own electricity.

Remember, whether you’re going to work, school, or anywhere in between, you can find SemaConnect smart charging stations on the station locator, PlugShare, or ChargeHub. You never need to worry about finding a charge again!