If there’s anything that indicates a particular business is about to boom, it’s their own competitors investing in its future. An article recently posted on Bloomberg’s website revealed the beginning of a massive tug-of-war between Big Oil and Utilities for a controlling stake in the electric vehicle market. With figures predicting an astounding 8,800% increase in electric car sales in the next 30 years, both industries are looking to elbow their way into the action.

Go Green and Save Green

Considering the fact that fueling an electric car roughly equates to fueling a gas car at one dollar a gallon, a number that hasn’t been seen in gas stations around the country in a very long time, supplying EV charging stations on your property will almost definitely be a very worthwhile investment.  Additionally, many Americans are looking for more environmentally-friendly alternatives in their day-to-day lives. Providing charging stations can attract this growing demographic who is looking for cars that are both good to the environment and cost efficient.

The growth of electric vehicles provides landlords with a three-fold opportunity: provide your tenants with a green option they can be happy using, as well as one that saves them money, and make money yourself — all at once! By placing electric vehicle charging stations on your properties, you can ensure you are benefiting from the economic boom of the electric car market.

Don’t Be Left in the Energy Efficient Dust

With a higher demand comes a higher supply: if you’re in the hospitality industry, you’re going to have to meet the needs of your customers or risk losing them to competitors. Installing charging stations at your hotel or resort will open availability to the discerning public — since many current electric cars are higher end and considered luxury cars, you’d be encouraging those with deeper pockets to unwind at your establishment. It’s a win-win for all involved.

It’s important to change with the times, and, boy, are the times gettin’ green! In the future, electric vehicle charging stations will be as frequent and populous as Starbucks. Prepare for this future by installing your own EV charging station and reap the benefits as time passes, making as much green as you’re saving.

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