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Offer Smart EV Charging at Your Commercial Real Estate Property

As EV sales continue to grow, more people will be looking for charging opportunities wherever they go. Will your commercial real estate company be ready to meet the demand of these EV drivers or will they be signing leases elsewhere? 

Developers and Property Managers across the globe see smart EV charging as a modern, high-end amenity that significantly increases property values. Now is the time to energize your environment by offering a premium EV charging experience. SemaConnect charging stations are safe, easy-to-use, and can help you drive more business while demonstrating your commitment to sustainability and innovation.

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SemaConnect is the Preferred Partner of Commercial Properties Everywhere

At SemaConnect, we pride ourselves on being a partner that’s plugged into you and everything that comes next. We work with you to take the uncertainty out of EV charging, from design/build to finding the right solution, through operations, so you never work alone.

With more than a decade of experience, we’re the partner you can count on to keep you charging ahead.

A Complete EV Charging Solution That’s Simple from the Start

Attract and Retain More Tenants

Be ready to meet the growing demand from tenants with EVs and don’t let your current tenants slip away.

Future-Proof Your Properties

Increase average rent, add value to your property, and stay ahead of regulations that may require EV charging in the future.

Be a Leader in Sustainability

Your property can earn LEED certification points and show your commitment with sustainability metrics and reporting.

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Easy Installation, from Nuts to Volts

We deliver complete solutions from hardware to software, so installation and setup are as easy as flipping a switch.

Turnkey Operations

SemaConnect charging stations are designed to be as simple to manage as they are enjoyable to use, with only one partner to work with for every need.

An EV Charging Partner You Can Rely On

Take the uncertainty out of EV charging with pre-build site planning support and a comprehensive replacement warranty.

Explore Our EV Charging Solutions

  • Commercial
  • Retail
  • Fleet
  • Multifamily
  • Single Family Home
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Series 6 Commercial Charging Station

The Series 6 Level 2 charging station enables successful EV charging programs in every commercial setting.

  • 7.2kW (30A) Level 2 charging station
  • Includes SemaConnect’s smart network management
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Series 8 Commercial Charging Station

The Series 8 Level 2 charging station provides greater flexibility and convenience with additional payment methods accepted including credit cards, Apple Pay, and Google Pay, which makes it the ideal choice for retail applications.

  • 11.52 kW (48A) or 19.2kW (80A) Level 2 charging station
  • Includes SemaConnect’s smart network management
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Series 7 Commercial Charging Station

The Series 7 Level 2 charging station enables fleet managers and station owners to establish a robust EV charging program that reduces fuel costs and ensures their EVs are ready to perform.

  • 11.52 kW (48A) or 19.2kW (80A) Level 2 charging station
  • Includes SemaConnect’s fleet management network solution
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multifamily residential apartments and condos

Series 5 Multifamily Charging Station

The Series 5 smart EV charging station was designed for a single driver at a dedicated parking space.

  • 7.2kW (30A) Level 2 charging station
  • Includes SemaConnect’s smart network management
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Series 4 Home Charging Station

The Series 4 allows for maximum power delivery, greater convenience, and the technology drivers need to know their vehicle is ready to go.

  • Charges approximately 37 miles of range per hour
  • J1772™ plug is compatible with all electric or plug-in hybrid electric vehicles
  • Remote access and easy over-the-air firmware upgrades
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Claim Incentives for Your Next Commercial Project

There may be incentives, grants, utility, or rebate programs in your region. Speak with a SemaConnect EV expert for more information.


Best Practices for Deploying EV Charging Stations at Commercial Buildings

With more EV drivers on the road, there is a rapidly growing demand for charging stations where people spend their time. Watch this conversation to see how easily you can get started with EV charging.

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