Easy Installation, from Nuts to Volts

At SemaConnect, we make it easy to be electric. Built with all users in mind and more than a decade of experience in real-world solutions — not just tech tinkering — we deliver an EV charging installation that’s groundbreaking in more ways than one. We make installation easy by shipping fully assembled, pre-sealed units that any certified electrician can install, not just factory-certified specialists. We deliver complete solutions from hardware to software, so installation and setup are as easy as flipping a switch.

With SemaConnect, EV charging is simple from the start.

Driver Access 

With SemaConnect EV charging stations, you decide who can charge at your stations – public users, only pre-approved members, or a mix of the two. You are also able to set customized pricing policies for these distinct groups.

Charging stations with open access serve as the perfect solution for public businesses such as retail, hospitality, healthcare, and more. Other station owners prefer to restrict access to their own users. This is more common in workplace, multifamily, and fleet settings.

Webinar – The Inflation Reduction Act: Understanding the Electric Vehicle and EV Charging Incentives

The Inflation Reduction Act recently passed by Congress is the largest investment in clean energy and climate action in U.S. history, and could enable the U.S. to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by ~40% below 2005 levels by 2030.

Not Sure Which Station Is Right for You?

Answer a few quick questions about your property to see which charging station will be best for you.

SemaConnect Series 8 EV Charging Station Wall Mount

Mounting Options

Every property is different. Whether you manage an open parking lot or a garage, our experts will help you choose the best mounting option for your space.

SemaConnect’s sleek enclosure and small form work in conjunction with the mounting hardware to create an unobtrusive footprint. Choose a pedestal or wall/pole mount for Level 2 charging stations.

SemaConnect EV charging station cable management
SemaConnect Series 7 pedestal EV charging station with cable management system

Cable Management System

SemaConnect Cable Management Systems are designed to keep your EV charging station cables organized. Our retractable lanyard system ensures that charging cables stay above the parking lot at all times. The smooth, automatic cable return makes it easy for EV drivers to unplug and go without any additional hassle. 

Built to last, our cable management system is reliable and durable with corrosion-resistant aluminum housing. Its sleek design complements the charging station and adds visual appeal to your property.

customer service woman on the phone


SemaConnect has a best-in-class, comprehensive replacement warranty for all Level 2 EV charging stations. If the issue cannot be resolved remotely, we will provide you a brand-new station.

This ensures there is no repair cycle or contractor visits required for most replacements. We make certain that your business is up and running with no downtime for your drivers.