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  • ·      Put 1 million electric vehicles on the road by 2015
Excellent start, but is this probable?
In order to encourage more drivers to purchase electric vehicles, there needs to be a clear definition of how to sustain these vehicles.
The arrow points back to electric infrastructure.
Think about it, would you buy a regular gas guzzling car if there weren’t gas stations?  The evolution of cars on our roads took years to accomplish before there were gas stations splattered all over our street corners.  The same can be done for electric infrastructure and you know what?  It’s easier.
Installing electric charging stations takes much less effort, time and resources making it sustainable and probable in spreading like wild flowers (would you really prefer me to say “wild fire?”).  In almost no time, it would be possible for electric charging stations to pop up at commercial locations like hotels, malls, parks, businesses, etc.
If we want people to seriously consider purchasing electric vehicles we need to provide the proper electric infrastructure that reduces range anxiety and adds more miles to their driving.
This is where you come in.…
1.  If you own a business:  Consider purchasing an electric charging station as an incentive to customers.
Because now there is a new reason to get customers in your doors—for a longer period of time.  Yes, there are incentives for station owners to collect revenue for charging a fee per hour for usage.  But the most valuable item you receive from purchasing an electric vehicle charging station is someone’s time.
Not only are you doing a service to the community, you’re now becoming the new fuel pump!  On average, for every 1 hour someone charges their EV with a Level II, 240 VAC, charging station they increase 10 miles in their vehicle.   For most electric drivers, they might possibly arrange to stay in your store for a longer period of time in order to gain more miles.   This means more opportunities for a sale.
2.  If you’re buying a new vehicle:  Consider purchasing an electric vehicle.
Because with the government and state rebates, there isn’t the “it’s too expensive” excuse.  And think about it from a long-term perspective:  there are less miscellaneous costs.  Well, you won’t need that oil change anymore right?  How about those maintenance costs? Nope.
No more getting your hands dirty.
Alright, I get it.  So the 100 miles range gives you anxiety.  So consider purchasing an electric vehicle as a second car.  Then use the electric vehicle for your daily commutes to work.  The national average commute in America is only 40 miles!  That means 80 miles used out of 100 mile range for your round trip to work and back.  And even 20 miles left for the grocery store?  Pick up your child from school?  Go to Happy Hour?
3.  If you’re a company:  Consider purchasing electric charging stations for your employees.
I can’t think of a better way to promote your company’s commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility.  Changing the light bulbs in your building is great.  Check.  Updating your business cycle to reduce pollution, water consumption, etc. is great.  Check.  But how about providing your employees who are sustainably minded with an added incentive to purchase an electric vehicle?
It’s not just about volunteering a couple hours a month.  It’s not about solely saving your company money.  The X & Y Generation fall into the LOHAS market.  This new segment really cares about the environment!  Why not offer charging stations to employees that promotes sustainability and goes beyond the workplace.  It’s a life style choice, one that many people are choosing to make.
Instill a program that flows from work life into home life and you have yourself a dedicated team of proud and loyal employees.
4.  If you own, manage, operate an apartment building: Consider purchasing electric charging stations for your tenants.
Apartment dwellers love the environment too!  But without a personal garage, this poses a challenge to tenants who want to purchase an electric vehicle but are concerned about where to charge.
Offer electric charging stations to current residents, and I can almost guarantee that current (and new) residents will be intrigued and delighted to know that where they live is socially and sustainably minded.
Can you think of a better arrangement?
There are so many opportunities for us to fulfill this “1 million by 2015” goal that President Obama has spoken about.  If you aren’t any of the above, or are interested in having charging stations in your locations why not be more active?  Request a charging station be put in your company, apartment, local community and let them know that you’d like one!
Let’s make it happen together!
Happy charging!
— ChargePro