Dear Property Manager,

Let me start by saying this: I love my [apartment/condo] and the community. I want to continue living here, but there is something critical that’s missing – EV charging stations. 

I [want to buy/have] an electric car and I need a way to charge at home. Without charging stations, other EV drivers and I have to find public places to charge or have charging available at our workplace. For people working from home, charging at work isn’t an option.

I’m sure you have heard about the importance of EVs and charging infrastructure in the news.

Installing EV charging stations won’t just help my neighbors and me, it will help you too. Adding this amenity will make the community more attractive to new tenants and make current tenants happier. With government and utility incentives, it may not even cost anything to install stations at the property!

I’ve been doing some research, and I recommend SemaConnect for installing EV charging stations. Their stations are interoperable, so I can use whatever charging app I want, and their open-access network will make managing stations on the property simple for you. They have options for open and closed access to stations and, with charging as a service, you can add a dedicated charging station at my personal parking spot. SemaConnect can even bill me directly for monthly service and electricity.

I hope that you understand why EV charging stations are a must for me and for the whole community. If they are not installed, I will have to search for another place to live when my lease expires. I’d love to stay, so please act soon!

Thanks again, 

[Name, Unit Number]

PS – SemaConnect is the company that is recommended to apartments and condos for the ease of installation, intuitive station management, and excellent customer service. Here’s the link to contact a sales manager:


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