Timothy Hurst, over at Earth and Industry recently wrote an interesting article about EVSE start-ups and how they are going to weather the storm when corporations like Siemens, Toyota and GE enter the EVSE market. 

As a start-up ourselves we’ve pondered this question before….

What’s a start-up to do once a larger company finally enters the market with a larger marketing budget, top-of-mind recognition, massive distribution channels and sales force?

We say– stay true to what your company stands for, and that is exactly what we’re doing at SemaConnect.  If the technology and services that you’re offering is really that great, then it will survive.  Sure, a larger company might be selling more stations to municipalities and vehemently taking over the consumer market at a lower price point (just because they can!), but this does not make start-ups any less capable of offering the same, if not better, products and services.

Here at SemaConnect, we know our product line by second nature because we built it ourselves.  Yes, we sat there and drafted for months the idea for a charging station that took little space, yet was still smart, rugged and was able to communicate wirelessly.  We work excruciatingly long hours building an entirely new software for EV drivers and station owners that makes it easy to pay online, track your green house emissions and set time-of-use pricing.  We know that our technology is much more advanced than what a single family home would require, which is why we focus on commercial applications.  And this isn’t even to brag, it’s simply because we are passionate.  Which is why, we believe, we’re still a fighting force in the EVSE market.

People ask, “Why even waste your time trying to compete?” and we say, “Because we have to!”  Because we can’t imagine doing anything else.  Because the environment needs it.  Because we feel that we have something great to offer.  That’s why we compete, and that’s why we’ll continue to compete until we feel that our station is no longer competent (though I doubt it).

I’m almost positive that other start-up EVSE companies feel the same way, or a rendition of this feeling, and we’re completely supportive.  Electric charging stations as an emerging clean technology means that we’re all contributing to something much more than simply making money, or seeing who can install more stations.  If we’re all installing stations to promote the use of electric vehicles around the world (in turn reducing our dependence on oil and lessening our impact in the atmosphere) then it was a great day.

So do we find it a challenge competing with large companies?  Yes.  We welcome it.
Is it going to break our spirit and make our technology feel less competent?  Not at all.

It will be interesting to see this market unfold, but until then we’re confident about our charging station and our software and having a great time!

Naly Yang [first name pronounced as, NAH-Lee]  leads the Marketing Communications initiatives at SemaConnect, and manages the company brand.  She actively follows and reports on trends in the EVSE and EV industry.  When not brainstorming a new creative idea, reading, writing, or graphic design, she is an avid traveler, cook, and all around life lover.  Contact her at naly.yang@powerelectricvehicles.com or follow her on Twitter @Sema_Connect.