Joe Engel

Dr. Joseph Engel serves as Chief Technical Advisor at SemaConnect. Dr. Engel’s extensive 50 year career in Electrical Engineering has earned him many accolades. With over 100 issued U.S. Patents, Dr. Engel was recently recognized as Pittsburgh IEEE Engineer of the Year in 2014. Prior to SemaConnect, Dr.Engel spent 14 years working at Eaton in their Electronics Research and Development Department and 30 years at Westinghouse as Manager of Analog Systems. He also has over 10 published technical papers on various electrical topics. Dr. Engel holds a B.S. in Electrical Engineering and a Masters in Electrical Engineering from the University of Cincinnati. He earned his PH.D. Electrical Engineering from the University of Pitssburgh. When not playing a round of golf, Dr. Engel enjoys driving his Chevy Volt.

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