EV fleet charging software shouldn’t be complicated.

It should be automated.

SemaConnect Cloud for Fleets

The SemaConnect Cloud provides fleet operators across all types of fleets, with unparalleled insight, access, and control over EV charging station deployments. Our fleet management module delivers powerful capabilities to help you configure, track, and manage your vehicles.

Combined with our open-access API, you can seamlessly connect your core systems to create a 360-degree view of your operations and provide dependable charging experiences for your fleet drivers.

A Complete Software Solution That’s Simple from the Start

Station Utilization

Understand how clients are using your stations

Smart Load Management

Optimize your electrical infrastructure

Revenue Management

Gain a hassle-free revenue stream


Understand your environmental impact


Seamlessly connect stations to your existing technology

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Powerful EV charging network management. Delivered.

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Fleet Management

Track, Manage, and Optimize Your Fleet Charging

Keep your EV fleet fully charged and optimize energy costs with SemaConnect Fleet Management. Provide a powerful and intuitive charging experience to your fleet drivers.

  • Optimize vehicle and charging station management
  • Ensure vehicles are charged and ready to go when you need them
  • Monitor and track charging intervals and vehicle charge utilization
  • Create vehicle groups with charging policies
  • Reduce energy and operational costs
  • Gain home-charging insight with the Series 4 EV Home Charger fleet integration
Series 8 SemaConnect EV Charging Station Installation
Station Utilization

Manage, Configure, and Monitor Your Charging Stations

With station utilization, fleet operators can register vehicles, monitor costs, track system usage, and monitor the environmental impacts of their EV charging program.

  • Station Locator: Edit station details or find SemaConnect stations nearby
  • Access Control: Configure access policy using pre-packaged member groups
  • Operational Status: At-a-glance views of station status
  • Plugged-In vs. Idle: Determine if stations are in-use or available
  • Utilization: Understand duration and frequency of charging station use
  • Reporting: Insight covering every aspect of operating charging stations
Smart Load Management

Optimize Charging Station Network Energy Use

Adding electrical capacity can be expensive. SemaConnect's Smart Load Management application allows fleet operators to maximize electrical infrastructure through proactive management of power consumption.

  • Monitor and configure energy flow across station network in real time
  • Manage energy through dynamic (UDR), constant, or time-of-use peak power strategies
  • Approach power sharing through maximum, equal charge, or first-in/first-out (FIFO) policies  
  • Access energy consumption reports by station, critical events reports, and more
  • Manage an unlimited number of charging stations per location

View On-Demand Carbon Emissions Impact Tracking

SemaConnect sustainability reports provide your fleet operators with consistent and accurate EV power charging consumption – down to the driver and station level. With this detailed information, you can understand and track the impact of using EVs on the environment.

  • Achieve climate-related and sustainability goals
  • Track and reduce your fleet’s carbon emissions
  • Understand carbon offset and fossil fuel equivalent reduction
Tesla parked in garage

Share Data between SemaConnect and Your Existing Technology Stack

You need all your fleet management applications working together. Our open API allows EV charging data to flow seamlessly to your fleet management solutions so you can create a 360-degree view into your fleet operations.

  • Power your fleet with our fleet management systems integration
  • Optimize power consumption with smart grid and energy management integration
  • Utilize white-label app deployment