The new hot buzzword in the automotive world is “EV”. Ok, it’s not a word, but it’s more of an acronym. It stands for “Electric Vehicle” and is set to take over how your cars use clean energy over fossil fuels.

By now, you have heard of Tesla – the first pure-electric non-hybrid vehicle. Tesla’s CEO, Elon Musk has smashed through many obstacles to create a truly magical vehicle. Well, now Tesla has made its once proprietary technology free to all vehicle manufacturers. You can expect most new cars on the road to be EV within the next 5 years. Most likely, you will own one.

Electric vehicles can be charged in your garage connected to your 110 or 220 volt standard power, and it takes about 12 hours to charge.
But what about road trips? What if you don’t have 12 hours to wait?

The solution is as simple as the 10 gas stations you passed on your way to work. Time’s arrow is pointing to a revolution in fueling station technology.

EV charging stations are popping up all over the world. Many governments are jump-starting the changeover from gasoline to electric by setting up free EV charging stations in shopping malls, parks, and even existing gas stations. Usually these charging stations are located in the most convenient parking spaces, to add even more incentive for driving an electric vehicle.

The free EV charging stations mentioned above use 220 volt charging, which means that during your shopping etc., you will get a nice recharge, but it does take about 6 hours to recharge fully so you’ll get a nice top-up through these stations.

Commercial EV charging stations exclusive to recharging your vehicle are already in use in some markets. These commercial EV charging stations use a minimum of 450 volts, and new battery technology which should hit the market next year will allow a complete recharge from zero in an electric vehicle in 1 hour or less. The number of them is expected to skyrocket as businesspeople realize that this is the future.

The technology is here and only getting better. A business based around commercial EV charging and charging stations is sure to be ahead of the pack, and business will be very brisk, to be sure.