SemaConnect charging station at the City of Bowie

Leading the Way through Government Engagement

For more than 10 years, SemaConnect has been an advocate for electrifying transportation and making electric vehicles and charging stations accessible to everyone, everywhere. We bring together constituents, utilities, property owners, OEMs, and regulators to provide insights from being in the EV industry since the beginning.

As a part of many different alliances and groups, our goal is to align the strategies that are needed to bring the US into the electric age of transportation.

SemaConnect is Leading the Charge

SemaConnect’s CEO, Mahi Reddy, met with Vice President Kamala Harris to discuss EV charging infrastructure in the US. During the briefing, the Vice President was able to test a SemaConnect Level 2 EV charging station and ask questions about the charging process.

The Infrastructure Investments & Jobs Act

It’s an exciting time for the EV charging industry with the passing of the Infrastructure Investments & Jobs Act. Watch this conversation to hear our thoughts on this law and its implications on EV charging infrastructure programs.

Partner with SemaConnect

Our Director of Government Affairs, Matthew Chen, brings over a decade of experience to SemaConnect and is committed to educating policy leaders and decision-makers.