Empower Your Guests to Charge While They Stay

With more people making the switch to electric vehicles, the ability to charge while you travel is rapidly increasing. Is your destination ready to meet your EV driving guests’ needs?

By offering smart EV charging stations at your hotel, you can attract more guests, position yourself as a sustainable leader, and tap into an additional revenue stream. And with the average EV drivers’ income at 2x the national average, it pays to turn these guests into loyal customers.

SemaConnect Is the Preferred Partner of Hotels & Destinations Everywhere

At SemaConnect, we pride ourselves on being a partner that’s plugged into you and everything that comes next. We work with you to take the uncertainty out of EV charging, from design/build to finding the right solution, through operations, so you never work alone. With more than a decade of experience, we’re the partner you can count on to keep you charging ahead.

A Complete EV Charging Solution That’s Simple from the Start

Attract More High-Value Guests

Offer your guests the ability to charge their EVs during their stay and build loyalty among these desirable customers.

Be a Sustainable Leader

Your property can earn LEED certification points and show your commitment with sustainability metrics and reporting.

Future-Proof & Enhance Your Property

Add value to your destination and stay ahead of regulations that will require EV charging in the future.

Easy Installation, from Nuts to Volts

We deliver complete solutions from hardware to software, so installation and setup are as easy as flipping a switch.

Turnkey Operations

We make installation easy by managing the entire process for you, including permits and electrical contractors.

An EV Charging Partner You Can Rely On

Take the uncertainty out of EV charging with pre-build site planning support and a comprehensive replacement warranty.

Request a Free Quote

Connect with an EV charging expert to discuss your needs and walk you through the steps to getting started. With thousands of happy customers, we’re ready to partner with you as you consider starting or expanding your EV charging program.

  • Receive a custom proposal specific to your EV charging needs and requirements
  • Learn how easy it is to install and manage our EV charging stations