According to Bloomberg, electric vehicles will make up to nearly 50% of new car sales by 2040. And EV sales are already ramping up thanks to new deliveries of the newest EV models! That means it’s time to start saying goodbye to the gas station and hello to EV charging stations. Companies planning for the future are installing smart charging stations to attract new clients. Here are four ways that smart charging can help you grow your business.

Boost Your Reputation

Smart business owners understand that customers shop with their values. That’s why corporate sustainability and fair trade have become so popular in the last decade. Customers want to buy products and services from organizations that have a reputation for social responsibility, and they’re even willing to spend more to get it. Whether your business already has sustainability programs, or you’re just beginning, researching EV chargers for sale is beneficial to your marketing and operations. Some companies install charging stations for internal employee or tenant use, while others install for customers or public visitors. Regardless which type of EV driver is charging at your property, your new charging stations show that you support your customer and employees’ values.

Invite Regular Customers

Not only do EV charging stations boost your reputation, but they also invite regular customers and boost retention. EV charging stations at apartments usually have the same drivers every evening, especially if they’re installed at personal parking spots. But for segments like retail, hospitality, or public parking, a regular clientele is monumental. EV drivers want to charge where they are parked. A grocery store that installs charging stations for customers can become the store to visit for the weekly grocery run. A hotel can become the destination for business travelers that drive electric cars. And a public parking lot can serve employees that work nearby.

Promote Brand Visibility

Another reason to choose the right EV charger for sale is that networked stations can literally put your business on the map. EV drivers using mobile mapping applications like Google Maps or PlugShare can easily find your business if you host SemaConnect charging stations. Whether you want to stand out from other nearby businesses, or you want your parking lot to appear when someone searching for “EV charging stations along my route,” your green amenity can help new customers discover you.

Increase Your Sales

Finally, thanks to the EV charging network, you can boost revenue with your charging stations. Because many customers will stick around while waiting for their EV to finish charging, retailers and restaurants have an increased opportunity to upsell products. Other clients may choose your company because they wanted the best green amenities. A new resident at your multifamily community or tenant at your business park will choose your property and renew their lease because they saw that you had EV charging stations.

Smart EV charging stations are the best new amenity for 2021 and beyond. Ready to get started? Click here to request your quote for the best EV charging stations for sale.