Energy efficiency and corporate sustainability are becoming more popular for businesses. Consumers and employees want to support companies they believe in, and these values are now becoming part of core operations. But what are the benefits of commercial fleets and commercial fleet charging. Among other things such as energy efficiency, lower emissions, and marketing, electric vehicles can help your operational budget, too. Using electric vehicles and installing commercial charging stations for your fleet can help your business save money in many ways, a few of which are outlined below.

Save Money on Gasoline

One of the main advantages of electric vehicles is that they do not use gasoline nor engine oil. The price of oil fluctuates every day, which means that internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicle drivers are at the mercy of volatile gas prices when a natural disaster or market interruption impacts supply. But with electric vehicles, there’s no need to worry about global crude oil prices. Instead, your electric vehicle runs on electricity from your local energy grid and utility company. How much money does it cost to fuel an electric car? The average cost to charge an EV is equivalent to $1 per gallon of gas… prices rarely seen since the 90’s. Switching to an electric fleet and installing commercial charging stations on-site saves you fuel costs. And with load management capabilities, you can even take advantage of off-peak electricity prices from your utility.

Lower Maintenance Costs

Electric vehicles often have significantly lower maintenance costs than a traditional vehicle that uses gas to operate. Emergency repairs and routine maintenance can cost up to four times more on ICE vehicles versus EVs. After all, internal combustion engines need engine oil and a number of moving parts to keep running. A study by Consumer Reports revealed that electric vehicle owners save between $6,000 and $10,000 over the lifetime of owning an electric vehicle. While EVs still need tires and windshield wiper fluid, they save thousands of dollars. Even after paying a higher initial purchase price, some police departments in Indiana and California have already discovered new cost savings in buying Teslas for their fleets.

More Advancements Are Coming

Electric vehicle advancements have come a long way in recent years, making batteries lighter and longer-lasting. The newest light duty vehicles for 2021 are chasing the 200-400 mile ranges, and they’re just beginning. Another cost benefit is that you don’t need to convert your entire fleet at one time. Just as many commercial properties start off with just one or two charging stations, fleet managers can also begin their new EV pilot programs with just a few electric fleet vehicles. As you optimize your EV program and budget, you can continue to replace older gas vehicles over several years.

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