There are many reasons why companies and governments buy EV charging stations. Sometimes it’s by driver request. Sometimes it’s required by building codes. Now organizations are going beyond employee or customer demand and proactively installing charging stations in pursuit of energy efficiency and sustainability. For companies that electrify their fleets, the SemaConnect Network gives station managers the tools they need to seamlessly manage fleet and shared charging stations.

The SemaConnect Network

Commercial properties know the SemaConnect Network from their charging programs for employees, tenants, and customers. With SemaConnect, station owners can control access, generate reports, participate in load management/demand response programs, and get 24/7 driver support.

The Series 6 station is designed for shared use and allows station owners to set pricing to recoup energy costs and open access to public or private users. Some station owners use SemaConnect’s access and pricing controls to offer free charging to employees, or to encourage parking turnover via pricing policies.

SemaConnect Fleet Management Software

This week, we introduced the new Fleet Management Software for the Series 7 charging station. Because the Series 7 is designed for dedicated fleet charging, it needs its own platform and features. With SemaConnect, fleet managers can assign a fleet vehicle to its own charging station, then receive data and alerts for that specific vehicle. Want to monitor your fleet and get alerts if a driver unplugs early? Want to schedule charging for off-peak electricity rates? Cloud software, controlled access, reporting, alerts, and load management are just a few reasons why fleet managers choose SemaConnect Fleet Management.

A Comprehensive Charging Network

Finally, the SemaConnect Network and Fleet Management Software work together for the perfect station management platform. That means that you only need one charging network to manage your public and fleet stations! You can manage station access, pricing policies, load management, and alerts for your entire EV charging program through the same portal. Need to generate year-end reports for your executives, shareholders, or community members? One network and one platform makes it easy to find the information you need. And because it’s all powered by SemaConnect, you get over-the-air software updates and 24/7 customer service.

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