No, not like that.  Although we don’t mind a little schmoozing with our station.  wink, wink

We just can’t shake the funny feeling that many consumers are still confused about Electric Charging Stations.  But can we really blame them?
Ok, so on the news you heard that mass electric vehicles are coming out. Check.
Now you hear that an electric charging station is installed somewhere in your city.  Check.
And then the news anchor proceeds to read the prompter about a J1772, 240 volt this, 32 amps that, you plug it in and then — BAM!
You’re car is charged.
Can it really be that simple?  Yeah, err, sort of.
Let’s face it, there hasn’t been sufficient marketing and initiative in teaching the general public about electric charging stations.  Some say it’s a conspiracy from automakers not really wanting electric vehicles to take the star light out from gas powered vehicles.  Some say electric vehicles aren’t really sustainable and still effect global warming.  Some say it’s the lobbyists that don’t allow proper mass education of EV’s.
The fact is that it could be a combination of many miscellaneous things uncontrollable by many.  Seems depressing huh?  Yeah, tell us about it!
However, YOU can make a difference.  All you have to do is ask.
No question is too small that ChargePro won’t answer!
Go ahead, try us. 
Ask your question(s) and we’ll do our best to answer them!
You know you want to…..