Someone once said, you’re only as good as your options are.
But is having a Level I charging station that beneficial in commercial locations?

Maybe.  But also maybe not.

I guess this question is still TBA, since there aren’t too many electric vehicles on the road yet.  But if you go to a book store, the grocery mart or the mall, you don’t intend on spending 20 hours there, right?  In this case, Level II would be much more beneficial.

Sure, you’d still have to wait for a good while.  But a Level II charger would increase the miles that you could travel in one hour than a Level I charger could on any given day.

So, is having a Level I charger really that important as an option?
Having a DC Fast charging be a competitor of Level II is a bit more beneficial (minus the load it takes off the grid).


– ChargePro