The Power of an
Open Network

Making EV charging easy for businesses and drivers

ev charging stations in garage parking lot

The SemaConnect Network sits at the center of the EV charging ecosystem, making your stations truly smart. No matter the size of your EV charging station deployment or portfolio, SemaConnect is here to make owning and operating charging stations simple and easy.

All SemaConnect stations are equipped with hardware and software for networked communications delivering instructions and commands to our cloud-connected, super-intelligent, and interoperable charging stations.

Learn More About the SemaConnect Cloud

The SemaConnect Cloud gives you true insight and control of your EV charging stations.

Car charging at SemaConnect Series 8 EV Charging Station
Station Highlight

Series 8 Commercial Charging Station

The Series 8 Level 2 charging station provides greater flexibility and convenience with additional payment methods accepted including credit cards, Apple Pay, and Google Pay, which makes it the ideal choice for retail applications.

  • Designed for all commercial applications
  • Future-proof your property for the next generation of EVs
  • Easy-to-use access and pricing controls
  • Available in 11.52 kW (48A) and 19.2kW (80A)

Smart, Open EV Charging

Through the power of our open network, SemaConnect drivers can roam between charging networks and preferred charging apps – no separate memberships required.

OCPP Certified

Open Charge Point Protocol enables communication between charging stations and charging networks.


Open Charge Point Interface enables roaming between EV charging networks.


Open Automated Demand Response enables communication between charging stations and utility providers.

Single Integrated Management Network

Manage your entire portfolio of charging stations with the easy-to-use management portal.

24/7/365 Support

Get support with your charging stations any time, day or night.

Station Roaming

Use a single driver account to access thousands of charging stations across multiple charging networks.