SemaConnect is a truly open network.
We believe in having an open ecosystem with our charging stations
and interoperability with other companies in the industry.

For this reason, we’ve partnered with PlugShare, the most widely used smart phone app among EV Drivers in the marketplace. This partnership allows EV Drivers to flexibility they want to start a charging session directly through the PlugShare app without being forced to join the SemaConnect Network.


Pay with PlugShare

SemaConnect values EV drivers and your candid feedback so that we can continue to build the best EV Charging stations in the marketplace. In addition, we're also EV drivers ourselves.

Through your feedback, we learned that EV Drivers wanted a more seamless way to start a charging session, other than using a SemaConnect Network Pass. What if you were in a bind and needed to charge at our stations, and you didn't have a Network Pass available?

To resolve that very issue, we decided to partner with Recargo's PlugShare mobile app, the most widely used EV Charging Station locator app in the market. Available in the Apple and Google store for free download, over 100,000 EV drivers depend on this app to route their commutes and be a part of a robust EV driver network.

Our partnership with Recargo will easily and seamlessly allow any EV driver to start a charging session at a SemaConnect station directly through the PlugShare app. Just look for the "Pay with PlugShare" icon.

For an EV driver, this is excellent because there are no membership fees, balances, commitments or recurring billing plans. At SemaConnect, we're committed to providing a truly open charging network.

Click here to download the PlugShare app!

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