SemaConnect EV charging station cable management
SemaConnect Series 7 pedestal EV charging station with cable management system

Cable Management System

SemaConnect Cable Management Systems are designed to keep your EV charging station cables organized. Our retractable lanyard system ensures that charging cables stay above the parking lot at all times. The smooth, automatic cable return makes it easy for EV drivers to unplug and go without any additional hassle. 

Built to last, our cable management system is reliable and durable with corrosion-resistant aluminum housing. Its sleek design complements the charging station and adds visual appeal to your property.

SemaConnect Series 8 EV Charging Station Wall Mount

Mounting Options

Every property is different. Whether you manage an open parking lot or a garage, our experts will help you choose the best mounting option for your space.

SemaConnect’s sleek enclosure and small form work in conjunction with the mounting hardware to create an unobtrusive footprint. Choose a pedestal or wall/pole mount for Level 2 charging stations.