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Flexible and Reliable DC Fast Charging Stations

DC Fast Charging (DCFC) stations are designed for convenient charging of electric vehicles equipped with high voltage systems. Their compact design makes them ideal for any site – commercial, fleet, and public – while their modularity allows for reliability and flexibility, including power sharing and managed charging.

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A Comprehensive Turnkey Solution

At SemaConnect, we provide a comprehensive turnkey solution for all of our customers to ensure that your electric vehicle charging station program is implemented and runs smoothly.

We’ll guide you through the site selection for your new stations, help you select the appropriate station and mounting options, provide input on station installation, and even connect you with a local installer.

Smart DC Fast Charging Stations Designed for You

Multiple Plug Options

Choose CHAdeMO or CCS plugs for ultimate flexibility

Durable Enclosure

Robust, all-weather powder-coated stainless steel enclosure allows for installation in any outdoor public site

Top Network Features

Includes load management, smart payments, and remote diagnostics

Amperage to Meet Your Needs

Choose your preferred power level – from low DC (~24 kW) to high DC (50 kW – 180 kW)

Intelligent, All-in-One Design

Durable stations feature readable touchscreen and compact footprint

Multiple Payment Platforms

Drivers can pay five different ways

Future-Proof Your Charging

OCPP and ISO 15118-ready for future software upgrades

DCFC Fast Charger

30kW Wall Mount DC Fast Charger

With SemaConnect's low-power DCFC solution, charging needs can be met in balance with load demands and infrastructure costs.

Product Sheet / Installation Manual

DCFC Fast Charger

60, 90, 120, 150, 180kW DC Fast Chargers

SemaConnect DCFC solutions support increasing EV battery capacities and enable continuous charging for fast charging sessions.

60kW – Product Sheet / Installation Manual

90kW – Product Sheet / Installation Manual

120kW – Product Sheet / Installation Manual

150kW – Product Sheet / Installation Manual

180kW – Product Sheet / Installation Manual

DCFC Fast Charger

360kW Fan Cooling System DC Fast Charger

High-power DCFC solutions are designed for convenient charging of electric vehicles equipped with high voltage systems.

Product Sheet / Installation Manual

Which Charging Station Is Right for Your Business?

Our team will help you choose the correct EV charging stations for your budget and application requirements.