Home Charging Made Easy

With innovative features, the Series 4 allows for maximum power delivery, simple setup, and the advanced technology drivers need to ensure their vehicle is ready to go.

Charge up to 9x quicker than Level 1 while enjoying the convenience of our smart, easy-to-use, 208/240-volt Level 2 charging station.

Durable Enclosure

The charger’s head unit withstands environmental elements, making it suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Built to Last

The Series 4 is built with a rugged enclosure, making it more durable than other home chargers on the market.

Outdoor Rated

Not having a garage won't stop you from charging your EV with the Series 4.

High Humidity Rating

The Series 4 can operate in up to 95% non-condensing humidity.

Compact, Modern Design

The Series 4's sleek design complements your EV and your home.


OLED Display

Easy-to-read OLED screen displays settings, messages, charging status, and icons clearly, even in bright daylight.

High Visibility

The OLED screen is designed to be readable in any setting, regardless of environmental brightness.

View Charging Status

Your EV's charging status can be seen at-a-glance on the charging station screen.

Simple Communication

See important messages and updates for your Series 4 directly on the charging station.

Customizable Settings

Configure your visibility and screen settings to fit your unique needs.


Ergonomic Front J1772™ Cradle

The J1772™️ plug is ergonomically shaped for comfortable and easy handling.

Charges all EVs

The universal J1772 plug allows the Series 4 to charge any EV or plug-in hybrid.

*Tesla vehicles require an adaptor

Easy to Handle

The Series 4 plug is ergonomically designed so that anyone can easily plug in their EV.


25-foot Cable with Cable Hook

Comfortably reach your vehicle plug when you’re ready to charge. The Series 4’s 25-foot cable is long enough to reach your plug regardless of its position on your EV.

A built-in hook neatly holds the cable when it’s not in use so that you can reduce clutter.

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Wall Mounted

The Series 4 comes with a built-in wall mount so it can easily be installed near your EV.

Charge Where You Park

Conveniently charge where you already park instead of having to adjust to fit a short cord.


Designed with Features You'll Love

Powerful & Flexible Charging

Level 2 charging station (208V/240V) with flexible amperage settings up to 50A can be configured to accommodate a range of circuit breakers.

Compact, Modern Design

The Series 4 is compact in size and features a sleek design that complements your EV.


Wireless technology enables remote functions such as pre-scheduling a charging session, and locking the station.


Charges approximately 37 miles of range per hour. (Varies by vehicle type).

Compatible with All EVs

J1772™ Plug is compatible with all electric or plug-in hybrid electric vehicles. (Tesla vehicles use an adapter).

3-Year Warranty

Your product is backed by a 3-year warranty for stress-free charging.

Alexa-Voice Control

This product is designed for future smart-connection to Amazon Alexa.

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Wall-Mount Bracket

Ships pre-assembled with a wall-mount bracket that makes mounting during installation quick and easy.

ev charging software on phone
Mobile App

Connect to Your EV Home Charging Station

The SemaConnect mobile application makes it easy for you to operate your Series 4 via your smartphone.

  • Configure the proper amperage settings based on your circuit breaker
  • Lock and unlock your station
  • Start, stop, and schedule charging sessions

Bring EV Charging Home