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Hardware Recommendation: S8 Plus & CC

Based on your input, we suggest the S8 Plus & CC. This station is perfect for providing EV charging at Multifamily properties with public access. We recommend 80 amps, which will charge various vehicles.

The S8 Plus & CC features:
  • Two EV charging plugs / supports two parking spots
  • Easily implemented pricing policies: Duration-based (hourly), Time-of-Use, and kWh
  • Large display that delivers instructions, rates, and details
  • Interoperability with leading driver apps such as PlugShare and ChargeHub
  • Credit card reader that accepts all major credit cards
  • Physical and contactless payment options
  • Smart card authentication
Network Recommendation:

The SemaConnect Network is what makes your stations smart! Get 24/7 customer support, access to the management software, and the latest over-the-air updates to your stations. Your stations come with the first year free, but you can pre-pay for additional years to ensure continued service.

Software Recommendation:
  • For Station Owners

    SemaConnect provides station management software for station owners that includes features such as custom pricing, access controls, network monitoring, load management, custom reports, and more.

  • For Drivers

    Your drivers can find your stations on leading mobile applications, view live station status, join a waitlist, manage payments, start charging, and more.

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