Earlier this week, the SemaConnect team attended the BOMA International Conference and Expo in Salt Lake City. We enjoyed meeting building and facilities managers from across the country. Here are three electric vehicle charging trends that we noticed in our conversations during the expo.

Property Managers Do Their Research

This year, we noticed multiple people approaching us to ask about specific utility rebate programs. Some wanted to know how we differed from other approved vendors. Others wanted advice on applying for their states’ incentives. Now that states are rolling out their own rebates, more and more property managers want to make sure they choose the best smart networked charging equipment for their workplace or multifamily community. Learn more about what makes SemaConnect different.

Now is the Time to Reorder

We talked to multiple facilities managers who had existing stations, but now needed more! Some conference attendees told us that they had bought dumb stations in 2016, but now had so many EV drivers that they needed to upgrade to a networked option with access controls. Others already had SemaConnect stations and were ready to order more.

Planning for Future Needs

Two types of building planning are happening right now. First, new construction is budgeting for next year’s charging stations. Many cities already require new construction to include infrastructure for electric vehicle charging stations. If you’re planning to include EV charging as an amenity for a new commercial property, you want to ask questions now about key requirements such as conduits, cell signals, and station cost.

Second, existing buildings want to know how to plan for future visitors. With polls suggesting that 75% of Americans would go electric if they could charge at work, plus the high growth in electric vehicle adoption, property managers need to be ready for EV drivers at their properties. That planning and future-proofing starts now.

From our conversations with BOMA members and attendees last weekend, it’s clear that EV charging is the next amenity for commercial properties. Thanks to everyone who visited our booth and shared your questions. We had a great time meeting you!

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