The automotive world is quickly evolving, and electric cars are becoming mainstream. Fuel cars are quickly being replaced as lawmakers pass legislation promoting cleaner cars, automakers release new models, and drivers order new EVs. In the United States, about 80% of homes located in owner-occupied housing have a carport garage access. BloombergNEF projects that by 2040, electric vehicles will take up 70% of the global auto market. Here are three benefits of installing EV charging stations at your apartment complex for residents.

Electric Cars Create a Healthier Community

The impacts of climate change are becoming more evident, and vehicle emissions are regarded as the biggest culprit. According to the EPA’s annual Inventory of U.S. Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Sinks report, 27% of all US greenhouse gas emissions were largely linked to transportation in 2020. In addition to environmental impacts, vehicle emissions are closely connected to lung and cardiovascular diseases such as asthma, emphysema, and cancer. That’s why apartment property managers are installing EV stations to help promote cleaner air in their communities and market themselves as green communities.

Electric Cars Encourage Lease Renewal

The most popular place to charge an electric car is at home. Many EV drivers plug in at night when they come home from work or school. However, EV charging is not easy for drivers who do not have access to a home garage. While some drivers plug in at the office or public parking, installing charging stations in your community ensures that every EV driver has a dependable place to charge. And if your residents switch to remote work (or change jobs altogether), they can still easily charge at home. Apartment EV charging gives your tenants and condo owners the flexibility they need to pursue their careers and renew their leases.

Electric Cars and Right to Charge Laws

Many cities and states are now adding “Right to Charge” laws that ensure access to home EV charging stations. With Right to Charge, condo owners can install personal EV charging stations without restriction from the homeowner’s association (HOA). Drivers pay the full cost of installation and station, and they can remove the charger upon move out. Such laws are vital for the driver and help EV adoption, but they are not beloved by HOAs. In multifamily situations, Right to Charge laws can make it difficult to bill an EV owner for electricity usage. Non-EV drivers are forced to subsidize the electricity costs of EV drivers who plug into the community’s electricity meter. That’s why HOAs are installing smart charging stations at deeded parking spaces to ensure that residents pay for their own usage. Many HOAs install SemaConnect charging stations that bill drivers for access, thus allowing them to market this amenity and apply for applicable rebate programs.

Electric vehicles are the amenity for luxury apartment communities that want to promote healthy living, encourage lease renewals, and invite residents with EVs. To learn about SemaConnect’s personal and shared charging options for apartments and condos, contact your sales manager today.