If you’re a SemaConnect station owner, you might notice a few additional features on the SemaConnect Network this month! All SemaConnect charging stations and station administrators have access to the next generation of smart load management features. This software update makes it easier to save money on your installation costs and/or your energy bills. Here’s what you need to know about Smart Load Management with SemaConnect.

Why Load Management?

All SemaConnect charging stations are capable of being part of a load management plan that can help minimize your installation requirements and/or your electricity costs.

Goal: Deliver high quality charging services while minimizing:

  • CapEx: Electrical installation requirements, and/or
  • OpEx: Electricity costs

Features: Peak Power Management and Power Management Sharing

Peak Power Management

Property managers at older buildings sometimes discover during an EV charging site walk that upgrading their electrical infrastructure for their desired number of charging stations is a bit cost prohibitive. Other times, a developer is planning a new building with 80% of the parking spots designated as “EV Ready,” but they have a limited budget. With SemaConnect Peak Power Management, station owners can assign a group of stations to a peak power limit. This manages the maximum power available to the chargers. There are three selections for peak power: constant peak power, time-of-use peak power, and demand response* peak power.

Power Sharing Management

Set Charge

Power Sharing: Set Charge

A Set Charge plan is the most straightforward: each station gets the same amount of power. For example, if you have 15 kW on your panel and three stations installed, you can program each station to receive a maximum of 5kW. No matter how many vehicles are plugged in, each one will receive 5kW, and the panel will never use more than 15kW.

Equal Charge

Power Sharing: Equal Charge

An equal charge plan means that the maximum power will be divided equally between charging stations, and the power per station will vary based on the number of vehicles that are charging. Consider our example of the 15kW panel. If three cars are plugged in and charging, each car will receive 5kWh. But what if there are only two cars? Then each car would receive 7.2kW, the full power level for SemaConnect charging stations. Two cars at 7.2kWh would use 14.4kWh total.

First In, First Out (FIFO)

Power Sharing: First In, First Out

With First In, First Out, vehicles get priority for charging based on when they plug in. The first cars to plug in will receive full power until maximum capacity is reached, at which point the cars that plug in later will receive a fraction of the remaining power until one of the first cars unplugs. In our example of a 15kW panel, the first two vehicles would receive 7.2kWh each, leaving 0.6kWh for the third car. When the first vehicle completes charging, the third car would then start to charge at 7.2kWh, and another car could plug in at 0.6kWh.

SemaConnect Smart Load Management is just one of the many features available with the SemaConnect Network. Ready to get started with smart charging with SemaConnect? Click here to request your quote!