According to a 2021 survey from Multifamily Design+Construction, when it came to adding new amenities to multifamily communities, electric vehicle (EV) charging was the third most popular “convenience service” upgrade. Additionally, EV sales and registrations are increasing with a reported 60% growth in the first quarter of 2022. With multifamily accounting for 31.4% of all housing in the United States, EV charging as an added amenity is essential at apartments and condominiums. Here are three reasons why SemaConnect’s EV charging stations are the best way for multifamily communities to attract and retain tenants and residents.

EV Charging Boosts Revenue

Two main reasons why apartments and homeowner’s associations (HOAs) install EV charging stations are: (1) to retain a current resident, and (2) to attract prospective tenants. Like most amenities, EV charging is a way for property managers to attract residents willing to pay more for convenience. Tenants with home charging are even more likely to renew their leasing agreements in order to maintain access to this local amenity.

The benefits of EV charging extend well beyond lease renewals. With SemaConnect’s smart networked EV charging stations, property managers also have the ability to recoup the cost of electricity. Some properties choose to offer free charging to residents and paid charging to guests. Property management can charge drivers for energy use and/or the amount of time that their vehicle remains plugged. Most times, adding an hourly or kilowatt-hour (kWh) fee to your charging program can offset ongoing service costs.

EV Charging Boosts Tenant Satisfaction

Property managers should also consider EV charging as a thoughtful amenity for residents. Most drivers charge at home, especially in instances where access to EV charging at the workplace is limited or non-existent. Ultimately, home is the most reliable place to plug in after or before work. Installing EV charging for residents shows that your company is focused on providing a resource that your tenants want and need most.

EV Charging Boosts Community Amenities

Many apartments and HOAs currently provide useful amenities for their residents. Stainless steel appliances, LED lighting, recycling services, and ENERGY STAR® certified products are popular within luxury communities. Other trendy amenities include package lockers, dog parks, fitness centers, and EV charging. For property managers considering providing a complete package for convenient living, EV charging is the key component.

SemaConnect’s Multifamily Solutions

SemaConnect offers multiple EV charging solutions for multifamily and real estate properties. The Series 5 is designed for communities with dedicated parking. Each Series 5 station can be assigned to a single driver who pays a monthly fee for access and energy usage. For communities with shared parking, the Series 6 and Series 8 can be opened to all drivers in the community. All three commercial charging stations are accessible with the SemaConnect App or a SemaConnect Network Pass. The Series 8 also offers a credit card reader for easy payments!

SemaConnect is your partner for charging-up amenities within your apartment dwelling or HOA. To learn more about choosing the right EV charging stations for your multifamily property, request a quote today.