Electric vehicles are becoming more popular with each passing year -especially since they’re now more affordable than ever! But cost is not the only factor that might keep a consumer from purchasing an EV. While businesses across the United States and Canada are installing commercial EV charging stations, many drivers who have not yet made the switch still have range anxiety, or a fear of running out of battery range.

Despite these fears, range anxiety essentially disappears after buying an electric vehicle. Roughly 80% of households in owner-occupied residences have access to a garage or carport, which provides them with the perfect place to install a home EV charging station. But what about those who don’t have a garage or carport? This is especially important for renters or drivers with limited driveway space. Fortunately, EV drivers who do not have access to a charging station in their own garage can still charge their vehicles. There are three types of commercial properties where EV drivers typically charge: multifamily communities, workplaces, and public parking.

Apartment and Condo EV Stations

As more renters buy a new Tesla, Bolt, or other EV, more apartment and condominium communities are starting to install EV charging stations for their residents. Property owners and managers understandably want to serve both current and future tenants, so it makes sense that they’d want to offer convenient electric vehicle charging in their parking lots. In many cases, tenants will gladly pay for EV charging access and electricity. Multifamily property managers can even choose between dedicated and shared charging stations!

Not only are property owners and managers better able to market their vacancies with eco-friendly amenities, but operational fees from drivers can make the decision to offer EV charging stations a sound investment in future revenue.

Workplace EV Charging

If you run a company and want to appeal to young or sustainably-minded employees, why not install a charging station at your place of business? This can serve as a perk for new hires while generating positive public relations for your business. If your company has made a commitment to sustainability, or you want to attract and retain talented team members, installing smart electric vehicle charging stations can be a great option. Your employees can gain a full charge while they work, while you can report your property’s emissions reductions to your green stakeholders! With a smart network, you can even restrict access to just your employees, so you can ensure that your employee perk is truly an employee perk.

Public Vehicle Charging Stations

Although more apartments and workplaces are now equipped with EV charging solutions, there are still a number of drivers who need reliable access to charging on the go. Public charging stations – such as those in retail parking lots, college campuses, and near healthcare facilities – can provide a place for consumers to charge their cars while they complete errands. Whether finishing their holiday shopping, taking a final exam, or visiting the doctor, EV drivers can boost their range with a few hours plugged in. By installing charging stations in these locations, property managers can build a base of returning customers and stand out from the other businesses that do not offer such amenities.

Commercial property managers have the unique ability to serve EV drivers at multifamily communities, workplaces, and other businesses. With smart EV charging stations, you can set your business apart simply by preparing for the needs of your visitors. For more information in future-proofing your property in 2020, contact your SemaConnect sales manager today.

For commercial properties, access to a smart network is essential to managing a charging program. Click here to learn more about the value of smart networked charging.