Happy new year! 2022 has begun, and it’s time for some new resolutions. While in previous years, we offered some general New Year’s Resolutions that focused on EV charging and sustainability, we’ve decided that this is the year for EV education. Whether you’re new to SemaConnect or you’ve been charging electric cars for a decade, start your 2022 with a resolution to learn about electric vehicles and EV charging.

If you are an EV driver:

When was the last time you looked up new charging stations on the SemaConnect station locator? While you may have a favorite charging routine – maybe a daily charge at your apartment or a weekly charge at a public parking garage – you may be surprised to discover new EV charging stations nearby. And if you live in a region with snow in the forecast, make sure you check out our tips for winter EV charging.

If you are a property owner or manager:

Have you budgeted for EV charging stations this year? Now’s the perfect time to plan your project so you’re ready for the spring construction season. Begin with an EV charging webinar on demand, then contact your SemaConnect sales manager for a project consultation. Whether you manage a new build, historic building, or something in between, SemaConnect helps you add smart EV charging stations to your property.

If you are a fleet manager:

Electric vehicles are an easy way to reduce the cost of operating your fleet. Whether your business or government fleet has buses, trucks, vans, or sedans, SemaConnect has the right charging solution to keep your fleet on the go. Start the electrification process by viewing our Fleet Electrification Webinar, then request a quote for your new EV fleet charging stations! Can’t decide between 30amp stations, 80amp stations, and DC fast charging stations? Our team will help you choose the correct charging stations for your budget and fleet requirements.

If you are a SemaConnect station owner:

Now is the perfect time to review your SemaConnect charging stations. Simply log into the SemaConnect Network with your administrator details to view station utilization, member groups, pricing, and more. Need help? Contact your account manager to change pricing/access, add or remove contacts/administrators, update billing, or to schedule an account review call. Don’t forget: if you installed your stations during the 2018-2021 tax years, you can receive a 30% federal tax credit, up to $30,000 per site. Just use IRS Form 8911 to claim credit.

Especially with the new Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act that will fund a national EV charging network, electric vehicles and EV charging will be the top amenity for businesses, fleets, and governments in 2022. Are you ready? Click here to request your quote for new EV charging stations in 2022.

Bethany joined the SemaConnect marketing team in 2018 and is now a Content Marketing Program Manager. Passionate about sustainability and good storytelling, she’s proud to help shape the story of electric vehicle growth and EV charging. Bethany earned a BBA in International Business and a minor in Marketing from the University of Texas at Austin (hook ’em!). When not writing about EVs, Bethany also writes a literature blog and dreams of ordering her future Volkswagen ID Buzz.