If you read this title and thought, “What happened to the SemaConnect ChargePro EV Charging Station?” you’re not alone. After several updates to the beloved ChargePro, it was finally time to rename our electric vehicle charging station to reflect our new style. The new name is the SemaConnect Series 6 Smart EV Charging Station.

SemaConnect is proud to be the leading choice for a sleek, compact, modern, and durable charging station. We wanted a name that was just as sleek and modern as our product.

Some of the SemaConnect Series 6 smart EV charging station’s features include:

  • Wireless technology
  • Interactive LED lights
  • Pay with PlugShare
  • Backlit LED screen
  • Smart card authentication
  • Set to public / private
  • Smart Grid Ready
  • J1772 plug

While we are fond of the “ChargePro” name, we are excited where the Series 6 will take us. And don’t worry, if you own a ChargePro 620, you still have the same great features and network of the new Series 6. Same product, different name.

Learn more about the Series 6 features here.