When you think of apartment high rises, you think of a beautiful, open floor plan with state of the art amenities. Energy efficient devices, green spaces, and smart technology abound in these modern dwellings. But what’s the next and newest amenity for apartments and condos? A personal charging station for each driver who drives electric.

Personal EV Charging as an Amenity

Last year at the annual Greenbuild conference in Atlanta, our team met a property manager who told us that every time someone at his property buys an electric vehicle, he adds another SemaConnect charging station for their own use. It’s true- adding EV charging stations makes a commercial property even more desirable, and being able to get a boost during an apartment tour is reason enough to sign a new lease!

EV drivers want to live at apartment communities that offer charging amenities. But as convenient as community charging stations are, there is nothing better than having your own charger at your parking space. With personal charging stations, you can assign a single Series 5 station to a single user. The SemaConnect Network allows monthly billing, so drivers can pay for their vehicle’s energy usage – completely separate from community amenities. This helps drivers who want uninhibited charging amenities, community members who don’t want to pay extra for amenities they do not use, and property managers who want to offer new charging amenities without managing a program.

Flexible EV Charging as a Service (CaaS)

When installing new charging stations, property managers want a turnkey solution. Enter CaaS. Not only can you add a personal charging station to your multifamily property with with built-in metering, customer support, and free upgrades, but you can flexibly add or move stations as needed. Because your station is assigned to a single user, it’s easy to pass along program charges to the EV driver, then receive a monthly remittance check from SemaConnect. Need to relocate the station across the parking lot or defer payment during tenant move out? SemaConnect allows a 90 day deferment period.

Two things are certain: more people are shifting to remote work, and electric vehicles are the car of the future. EV charging stations at apartments and condominiums are more important than ever. With CaaS, it’s easy to add personal charging stations for new residents, while staying ahead of the competition with all the latest technology. Ready to get started with EV Charging as a Service at your community? Click here to schedule a project consultation with your SemaConnect sales manager.