It’s the time of year when property managers are looking for new amenities that they can offer to tenants and employees. Smart networked electric vehicle charging stations are the next big amenity for multifamily, workplace, and commercial real estate. To help you evaluate your charging options, here’s our guide to three of the most important features for charging at commercial properties.

Pricing/Access Management Capabilities

One of the first questions that building owners want to know is, “How can I make money with charging stations?” With a smart network, you can restrict access to only employees or tenants. If you want to pass along energy costs to the users of your stations, you can customize a pricing plan to cover those fees. Or, if parking turnover is a concern, you can use the pricing management tools to provide free or reduced-cost charging for the first few hours, then introduce a penalty fee for drivers who remain plugged in past your set limit.

Driver Support

While not discussed nearly as often as network management, you need customer service for your drivers. Sometimes drivers need help starting a charge, attaching their Tesla-to-J1772 adapter, or reporting a station outage. Choosing a network with driver support means that your drivers can call the charging station company for help, rather than asking an attendant who may not be familiar with the equipment.

Easy Installation/Maintenance

One of the most common questions that we’re asked during webinars and trade shows is, “What is your maintenance cycle?” Usually, when purchasing a product for your commercial property, you want to make sure that it has simple installation and maintenance. The most convenient charging station can be installed by your preferred electrical contractor, who is already familiar with your site. You also want to ensure that if you do need your equipment replaced, you are covered by a full replacement warranty that minimizes your downtime. While SemaConnect does allow you to use your own electrician and has the best replacement warranty in the industry, some other vendors restrict you to a specific list of approved electricians.

When choosing EV charging stations for your commercial property, it’s important to do your research. Make sure to ask your sales manager about smart management tools, driver support, and warranties before purchasing your stations.

With SemaConnect, your charging program is as turnkey as you wish! Learn more about how SemaConnect is your complete solution.