The value of networked electric vehicle charging stations is a favorite topic on the SemaConnect Blog. With a smart charging network, commercial property managers and facility managers can manage their EV charging stations and view usage reports. Station owners can manage station access and set custom pricing. Here are three popular ways that property managers use the SemaConnect Network to customize their stations with the perfect access and pricing policy.

Employee Access in an Open Parking Lot

This is one of the most popular ways that workplaces manage their stations. If your employe parking is behind a gate, you may not need to worry about strangers entering your lot to use your workplace amenity. However, if your parking is accessible to the public, but your stations are installed specifically for the use of your tenants or employees, you can restrict station usage to drivers you approve. With networked charging stations, you even have the ability to charge employees and visitors different prices to use your stations!

Recoup Energy Costs

More than 30 states currently allow private businesses with EV charging stations to charge by the kilowatt-hour (kWh). This is commonly referred to as “reselling energy,” and it helps properties accurately charge electric vehicle drivers for the actual cost of electricity transferred to the vehicle. In the states that have not yet passed this legislation, property managers typically charge drivers a parking fee for the amount of time that the vehicle is plugged into the charger. As a business owner, you can offer the ability to charge an electric vehicle, while recouping the cost of electricity.

Seasonal Parking Demand

If you’re located in a popular vacation destination, or if your property has a busy season (such as the upcoming retail holiday season), you may want to offer a variable or seasonal pricing. During peak station demand, you can raise your hourly pricing in order to encourage parking turnover. During less busy times, you can offer free or low-cost charging in order to attract new customers and encourage drivers to stop in. Pricing policies with a grace period or seasonal variation are widely used by property managers that want to attract EV drivers, while ensuring that those drivers move their cars after charging.

Choosing EV charging stations with a smart EV charging network means that you can better manage your property’s new amenity. Whether you’re including EV charging stations as an employee amenity, or you simply want drivers to move their vehicles when their battery is full, the SemaConnect Network helps you accomplish your station management goals.

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