Electric vehicles (EVs) become more popular every year. In fact, there are currently over 1 million EVs on the road in the US today; and in a recent AAA survey, 20% of Americans said that their next car will be electric! That said, there are still many misconceptions about EVs that continue to influence the average customer’s car-buying decisions. We’ll set the record straight in today’s post.

MYTH: “Electric vehicles are expensive”

Truth: While some EVs may come with a higher initial purchase price, they’ll often cost less in the long run. You may benefit from federal or local tax incentives for purchasing an electric vehicle. Second, charging an electric vehicle costs less than fueling a car with gas (around $1/gallon). EVs also require much less maintenance than conventional gasoline powered vehicles, since there are no oil changes and fewer moving parts that can break down. When you think about it in those terms, an electric vehicle may save you quite a bit of money.

MYTH: “Electric car charging stations are hard to find”

Truth: Although EV charging stations used to be hard to find, they’ve become more accessible than ever. Many businesses and properties are starting to offer charging stations for electric vehicles. As EVs become more prevalent, that will encourage property owners to install chargers. The idea that drivers will have to travel long distances to charge their cars is no longer the case. Google Maps can even tell you exactly where the closest one is to your location!

MYTH: “EV charging is inconvenient/takes too long”

Truth: It’s true that the most convenient place to charge one’s vehicle is at home. That way, you can boost your battery while you sleep at night. But that doesn’t mean charging outside the home has to be time-consuming. Many workplaces and retailers have started to install electric vehicle charging stations so you can charge while you work or run errands. And if you’re traveling or need a faster boost, there are many recent developments in technology and charging networks that have allowed for lightning-fast charging along popular highway corridors. There’s no need to take additional time out of your day to refuel!

As more drivers buy electric vehicles, these myths are starting to disappear. If you’re an EV driver, you’ve probably already discovered that there are more places to charge than ever before. If you’re a property manager, you have the unique chance to support EV drivers in your community. Contact us today to find out more about installing vehicle charging stations at your property or business.

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