In 2019, going green can no longer be dismissed as a passing phase. Sustainability is now a way of life – quite literally – if we want to save the planet. Not only is it up to each individual to reduce waste and carbon emissions, but it’s also up to businesses to adopt more eco-friendly practices. You stand to make a huge impact on your community, garner positive press coverage, and increase your customer base by acting on your commitment to sustainability.

Not sure where to start? Here are three basic ways to embrace sustainability at your office.

Go Digital

Although many workplaces may be notorious for printing out documents on a near constant basis, that doesn’t mean you have to. Instead of wasting paper, why not go completely digital? Develop a company-wide policy that allows you to store and share documents electronically through a cloud like Dropbox or Google Docs. That way, you won’t have to waste paper or ink, or pay as much for printer servicing. You’ll also be able to share changes in real time, collaborate more easily on projects, and ensure that all employees are up to speed.

Take Control of Waste Management

A lot of business owners don’t realize how much they’re wasting due to their… well, waste. The majority of garbage dumpsters are emptied when they’re not even close to maximum fill levels, which means organizations are paying for unnecessary services and contributing to more emissions with trucks on the road at a greater frequency. And if your company hasn’t established a practical recycling program, you’re no doubt contributing to excessive garbage in our nation’s landfills and waterways. By exploring your options for improved waste management, you’ll be able to save money and save the planet.

Install Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Electric vehicles (EVs) are slated to make up 54% of new car sales worldwide by 2040. That means EV charging stations will become much more common over the next couple of decades. If you currently have employees who drive electric cars, or if you want to entice new talent, having electric vehicle charging stations can serve as a huge perk. You can even include electric car charging stations as part of your company’s official benefits package! Your company may also receive tax incentives for installing charging stations, as well as press coverage and an improved brand awareness surrounding your sustainability mission. While installing electric car charging stations requires some planning, it’s well worth including in your parking due to the value it will bring to your business and the environmental benefits.

It’s truly never been easier to go green in the workplace. By doing your part to protect the environment, you can attract new sales and new employees to your company. For more information on how our charging stations can support your commitment to sustainability, please contact us today.

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