If you’re reading the SemaConnect Blog, chances are that you care about green products. You know that a sustainable lifestyle starts with everyday choices like turning off the lights when you leave the room, or driving an energy efficient vehicle. You probably look for the blue ENERGY STAR® symbol when you purchase products for your home or business. However, did you know that your SemaConnect electric vehicle charging stations are ENERGY STAR certified, too?

ENERGY STAR is the United States EPA label for energy efficient products. These products undergo vigorous testing at an EPA-recognized testing laboratory for energy usage and performance. A relatively recent category under the ENERGY STAR label, Level 1 and 2 EV charging stations can receive certification after meeting the energy requirements. (DC Fast Charging stations are not eligible for ENERGY STAR certification.)

Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) with the ENERGY STAR label must use 40% less energy than standard stations while in standby mode. This makes sense: the majority of time, an EV charging station is either waiting for a car to drive up (what is classified as No Vehicle Mode) or is connected to a car but not sending energy to the fully charged battery (Partial On and Idle Modes). During the time that a charging station is not in the process of charging a vehicle, it should be using a minimal amount of electricity.

Series 6 Performance

The SemaConnect Series 6 charging station easily met the requirements for ENERGY STAR certification. During the No Vehicle and Partial On Modes, it tested at 3.9W, or 15% below the allowed maximums of 4.6W. During Idle Mode, it tested at 9.2W, or 44% below the allowed maximum of 16.6W. This means that not only did the Series 6 meet the energy efficiency requirements, but it exceeded them to be one of the most energy efficient charging stations on the market.

Energy Efficiency at Your Property

If you are looking for energy efficient products for your property, the SemaConnect Series 6 charging station is certified to help you provide EV charging amenities in a cost effective and energy efficient way. Whether you are applying for ENERGY STAR energy efficiency certification for your building, taking advantage of a financial rebate that requires you to use ENERGY STAR certified products, or simply looking for the best products for your property, you can rest assured that your Series 6 charging station will meet your green requirements.

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