Did you know that installing electric vehicle (EV) charging stations can help your bottom line? In addition to environmental benefits, catering to EV drivers provides tangible business advantages to retail locations and restaurants. Here are some of the practical ways installing charging stations will lead to success:

1. Increase the time customers spend at your location

Many customers who drive EVs will choose to spend more time at your business because they are able to charge in your parking lot. This naturally creates the opportunity to sell or upsell your products and services. The typical EV driver has a higher disposable income and is likely to spend more than your average retail visitor..

2. Drive traffic and customer loyalty

Having EV charging stations outside your store will attract new customers to your business and encourage existing customers to come back. When you install a networked EV charging station, such as the SemaConnect Series 6, you – literally – put your business on the map. EV drivers can search for charging stations on applications such as Google Maps, PlugShare, or SemaConnect, and they will find information about charging at your business. With time, your business can become the EV driver’s preferred retailer because they will be able to charge their car while stocking up on their favorite products.

3. Boost your reputation

People shop with more than just their wallets. Corporate sustainability is becoming more valued by the day and installing EV charging stations is a great way to impress your environmentally-conscious customers. By offering this amenity before your competitors do, you will show your customers that you are forward-thinking and care about their values. Even if a person doesn’t drive an EV, they’ll be able to see your commitment to clean energy. You can capitalize on this by creating prominent signage in your parking lot and incorporating the initiative into your marketing plans.

Electric cars are not a fad. EVs are rapidly being adopted – some analysts predict that EVs will make up to nearly 50% of new car sales by 2040. EV charging stations will soon become a necessary part of parking lots, and your location can take advantage of this trend. Don’t miss out on the opportunity!

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