It has been a scary time around the world, and many companies are instituting new procedures to limit the spread of the new coronavirus. Here’s what you need to know about SemaConnect and staying safe during the pandemic.

How we’re serving EV drivers

SemaConnect continues to monitor our EV charging stations, and our team is answering the phone. We understand that while many people will work from home or limit travel over the next few weeks, it is essential for you to be able to charge your vehicle. To find EV charging stations near you, or to check live station availability, use the SemaConnect Station Locator or the SemaConnect mobile app. If you have any questions about your account or need help starting a charge, give us a call at 1-800-663-5633 or email our customer service team for prompt response.

While charging, we recommend that you wipe the charging plug handle with a disinfecting wipe prior to plugging in your vehicle. Repeat when disconnecting from your vehicle, before returning the plug to the station.

How we’re serving property managers

The SemaConnect team continues to monitor your stations using the SemaConnect Network. With your networked SemaConnect stations, you can log into your administrative account to view station status, usage, and reports. If you have any questions about your account, please reach out to your account manager or SemaConnect Customer Service.

To limit your drivers’ exposure to the virus, we recommend that all station owners simply wipe down and disinfect your stations at least twice per day. Be sure to disinfect the plug handle, as that is the most high-contact spot on the charger.

In addition, March is typically a busy time for new EV charging station installations.  Whether you are working from home or a quiet office, your SemaConnect sales manager is available for your EV charging questions. Schedule a conference call, or request digital copies of our product flyers. You can even attend an upcoming EV charging webinar! In all, we have inventory that is ready to ship for your Spring installation.

How we’re serving our employees

SemaConnect values our team members and families, which is why our sales, marketing, administrative, support, and tech teams will work remotely. For our production team, who builds and ships your SemaConnect charging stations, we’re adapting our schedules, increasing the use of disinfectants and masks, and practicing social distancing. In addition, we’re keeping our team safe by grounding travel and expanding our sick leave policy. SemaConnect already provides health insurance and a generous PTO policy, but now any employees who do test positive for the coronavirus can take paid sick leave without dipping into their PTO.

Together, let’s fight COVID-19 and keep our communities safe.

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