As a property manager, you want to make current and prospective residents feel at home the minute they set foot on the property. That means you need to focus on the quality of your apartments, amenities, and make your grounds stand out from the rest of the competition. Though keeping your landscaping in good condition and meticulously maintaining the individual apartment units will help, it’s also what every other complex will be doing. The competition is steep, but there’s a simple way to stand out from the rest: electric car charging stations from dedicated EV charging companies. Here are a few ways that charging stations can help make your community stand out in the minds of new tenants.

Shows You Care About the Environment

Renters look for eco-friendly apartment communities and are more likely to choose a unit if it features green appliances. Many of these same renters also have or plan to purchase an electric or hybrid vehicle. Working with EV charging companies to install chargers on the property shows prospective renters that you share their passions and concerns for the environment. When they feel that you care, they’ll remember your complex even as they tour other properties. This improves your chances of getting them to both sign and renew their lease.

Keeps Your Community Relevant

Electric vehicles are rapidly becoming more popular and by 2040, it’s estimated that electric cars will take up more than 54% of annual car sales. With the growing popularity, it’s in your best interest to get your property ready for the changes on the road. Installing charging ports from dedicated EV charging companies for your residents’ electric vehicles now will help keep your company relevant for years to come. Best of all, you’ll already have the network and infrastructure in place, so you can expand the number of units on site as demand increases.

Adds Value to Your Property

There are two ways that charging stations add to your property value: first, by attracting higher value tenants, and second, by increasing your property’s market value. EV drivers usually have college degrees and higher incomes. Because most drivers want to charge at home, those touring your community will notice your charging stations and choose you over another property. EV charging stations can allow you position your property with desirable tenants.

Secondly, one day you may want to sell to a larger property management company. The more value you add to your property, the more companies will be willing to consider a higher selling price. Installing electric vehicle charging stations adds value to the complex itself and helps your property stand out when investors are looking to grow their assets. The addition of EV charging stations is a great capital improvement that can impact rent and market value at your property.

Ready to make your property stand out? Install EV stations now and let your tenants make the most of their eco-friendly lifestyle with ease.