Property managers, landlords, and homeowner’s associations are constantly thinking about on-site maintenance, repairs, and upkeep. One of the newest concerns: residents with electric vehicles. Providing EV charging stations for apartments or condos makes a property more attractive to a potential tenant or condo owner. Not only can dedicated/shared charging stations support residents who already drive electric cars, but they can also encourage EV adoption among those who were waiting to buy until they found a charging location. Electric cars are taking over, and smart charging stations are the best way to future-proof your multifamily community. Here are five easy steps to adding new EV charging stations for your apartment or condo residents.

Step One: Make a Plan

Before anything else, you want to start your EV charging project by assessing your needs. Consider the whole picture for installing EV charging stations for apartments and condos: from insurance to tax credits to resident interest to local codes. Some communities conduct resident surveys to gauge interest in community charging stations. Others find local utility programs that offer a certain number of charging stations in return for participation in an EV demand response program.

It’s also important to verify local building codes and determine your building’s electrical capacity. Most EV drivers will charge at home on a Level 2 charging station that delivers around 30amps and 25 miles per hour. Two benefits of installing networked charging stations is that you can charge drivers for energy and manage electrical load. With the best EV charging stations for apartments and condos, you can use the charging network to minimize your costs while providing the best service to your tenants.

Step Two: Choose a Contractor

Your electrical contractor is essential to your new charging program. SemaConnect charging stations can be installed by any licensed electrician (even if they’re new to EV charging or have not joined the installation partner program). Whether you use a contractor you already know, or you get a recommendation from your SemaConnect sales manager, make sure you complete a site walk and discuss your electrical requirements.

Step Three: Finalize Your Plan

During your site walk with your electrical contractor, your team will want to choose the best charging location. Installing your stations close to your electrical room can help reduce the costs for running a conduit. Discuss your preferred number of stations. Do you have circuits available on your panel? Are you adding additional junction boxes so you’re ready to add more stations later? How much site work is required? Your contractor can help you determine costs, test for cell signal, and finalize your plans.

Step Four: Approve Your Proposal and Start Construction

This is the easiest step. Whether you order your charging stations yourself or have your electrician include them in their quote, you’re ready to install! Once your contractors have completed the necessary site work, construction, and installation, you’re ready to register your stations. If your utility requires station inspections or follow-up, you will also complete this paperwork during this step.

Step Five: Register Your Charging Stations

Finally, it’s now time to power up your stations! Property managers or facilities managers should contact their SemaConnect account manager to register each station. You will choose your preferred access type, pricing policy, and gain access to the management portal. SemaConnect will train your team in navigating the SemaConnect Network, so you can assign a dedicated station to a specific resident, approve your residents, or download usage reports. Once your stations are registered on the Network, you can also add them to a public map or make a public announcement.

It’s true: electric vehicles are here and becoming more mainstream. As more drivers replace their gas cars and look for apartments with EV charging stations, you can literally put your property on the map! Ready to get started? Request your quote today!

Want to learn more about EV charging at your property? SemaConnect offers monthly webinars for property managers. Click here to register for our next webinar for apartments, condos, and multifamily property managers on November 12, or view other dates.