In 2020, climate change and sustainability are still somewhat divisive topics. With rollbacks of some environmental standards and legislation, it’s up to individuals and businesses of all sizes to take the lead in reducing their impact. Small steps add up, and the payoff is well worth it. Not only can you feel confident about your eco-friendly projects, but your business can better grow and connect with your customers who prioritize green businesses. If you’re looking for a few smart ways to promote greater sustainability at work, here are some tips to help get you started.

Opt For Renewable Energy

Reducing energy waste is an important first step that many business owners overlook. Turning off the lights at the end of the day, unplugging unused devices, installing LED lightbulbs, or switching to ENERGY STAR certified products can make a huge dent in your company’s energy consumption. As a result, you’ll end up saving both electricity and money!

But you might even consider taking things a step further. If you’re in a position to explore renewable energy sources, you can continue to curb your carbon footprint and cut costs in the long term. Installing solar panels or utilizing wind energy for at least some of your operations can make a huge difference. In some cases, you can even use tax incentives to offset costs.

Cut Down on Food Waste

If you don’t run a business that’s within or adjacent to the food industry, you might dismiss this option is being non-applicable. But almost every business contributes in some way to unnecessary food waste. Creating a company-wide compost program (and educating employees on how to compost) can reduce waste attributed to food items and can promote waste management savings. And if you’re able to buy from local farmers, you can contribute to a lowered transportation rate and support your community at the same time.

Install Smart EV Charging Stations

Plug-in electric vehicles are now a viable option for many budgets and lifestyles. In fact, over one million Americans have now made the switch to driving EVs! One issue, however, is finding EV charging solutions outside the home. If your business installs some of the many electric vehicle charging stations for sale, you can attract both customers and potential employees. Not only will you promote a greener method of transportation, reduce emissions, and provide another reason for people to choose you, but you can also take advantage of the smart features. With smart stations, you can set a charging fee to help offset costs, and you can generate sustainability reports with your property’s emissions reductions. Furthermore, having EV charging solutions installed at your property can garner positive media coverage that can help your business stand out.

Go Paperless When Possible

Another easy way to go green is to eliminate the use of paper documents. Many businesses have already made the move to storing data in the cloud and using shared digital files for the sake of convenience and real-time updates. Ridding your business of unnecessary printing can reduce the usage of paper, ink, and equipment maintenance. This will save money on both products and waste management needs, as well as adding to your company’s overall sustainability.

It’s never been more important to embrace green initiatives. By including policies for better energy use, cutting down on food waste, installing EV charging solutions, and going paperless into your operations, you’ll be able to make a noticeable impact in more ways than one. For more information on the best EV charging solution for your business, please contact SemaConnect today.

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